Casa Burés 1 by Coblonal Interiorisme

Casa Burés 1 located in Barcelona, Spain, is an elegant apartment designed in 2020 by Coblonal Interiorisme.

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About Casa Burés 1

Introducing Casa Burés: A Blend of Elegance and Modernism

Unveiling our masterpiece: an exquisite apartment in Casa Burés. We spearheaded both its design and production. Custom furniture pieces, art, and décor harmoniously blend, enriching this opulent space.

A Touch of History and Modernism

Casa Burés stands as a beacon of early twentieth-century Modernism. Nestled in Barcelona’s dreta de l’Eixample, Francesc Berenguer i Mestre sculpted its essence. After a meticulous renovation, an esteemed owner commissioned us to reimagine a pair of their lavish apartments. Indeed, residing in such a landmark is a luxury few can claim.

Apartment Highlights: Space and Design

Our design boasts two double bedrooms, two full bathrooms—with one adorning the master suite. The expansive living room, seamlessly transitioning into an open kitchen, overlooks a classic Eixample-style interior gallery.

Artful Interiors and Chromatic Choices

Artful pieces underscore the property’s key features: intricate hydraulic flooring and ornate, high floral moldings. The color palette emerged from these foundational elements. Gray furnishings juxtaposed with hydraulic tones and window carpentry influence our chromatic selections. A two-segment gray sofa finds its mate in a kitchen module, stationed atop a vast white polyamide carpet (equivalent to a polyamide rug). Adorning this rug: a square coffee table and a multi-level side table—perfect whether lounging or reading. The setup culminates with a striking Gilda armchair beneath a Flamingo lamp.

Dining with a Flair

A sleek black dining table, paired with refined chairs blending wood and rope, exudes sophistication. A golden pendant lamp, while primarily functional, doubles as a centerpiece.

Art pieces are strategically placed. Notable mentions include Miquel Torner de Senir’s creations in the living room and Ortuño and Subirats’ paintings in the bedrooms. Plants and vases intersperse, breathing warmth into an otherwise grandiose space.

The Gallery: A Portal to the Outside

The gallery serves as a unique space, connecting inhabitants to neighboring homes and the outdoors, even from within. Adjacent to the living area, it offers a refreshing escape. A colonial-inspired armchair invites occupants to savor a sunset view through expansive windows.

The Bedrooms: A Symphony of Elegance and Comfort

The master bedroom, accessible from both the living room and gallery, features a striking blue headboard. Coblonal custom-designed oak and black iron furnishings adorn the space. The white bedside lamp echoes motifs found elsewhere. An airy wooden armchair contributes a feminine touch, harmonizing form and function.

The smaller bedroom showcases mustard yellow accents, warming a space with limited natural light. Coblonal’s touch is evident in the oak furnishings. Light fixtures illuminate with distinct beams, drawing attention to artful designs.

Welcoming Corridors

In the hall, Coblonal-designed mirrors and shelves greet visitors. A grape-inspired wall lamp graces the space, encapsulating the apartment’s harmonious blend of grandeur and modernity.

In summation, our design philosophy celebrates and complements Casa Burés’ historic roots. We’ve sculpted an environment that exudes elegance, yet feels intimately lived-in—celebrating the grandeur of Modernist heritage.

Photography by Sandra Rojo / Coblonal Interior

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- by Matt Watts