Stealth Flat by iPozdnyakov Studio

Stealth Flat is a elegant apartment situated in Moscow, Russia, designed in 2017 by iPozdnyakov Studio.

Sleek, modern living space featuring dark wood accents, stylish furniture, and lush greenery.
Modern, minimalist living room with sleek black furniture, large windows, and pendant lighting.
Sleek, modern dining room with black furnishings, dramatic lighting, and lush plant accents.
Modern kitchen with sleek black cabinetry, wood accents, and minimalist lighting.
Modern kitchen with sleek concrete countertops, minimalist cabinetry, and a large pendant light.
A cozy bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, modern furniture, and a warm color palette.
A bedroom with a large circular moon artwork, hanging pendant lamps, and a cozy, monochrome design.
Minimalist bedroom with concrete walls, circular moon mirror, and pendant lighting.
Circular overhead lighting, warm wood paneling, plush textured bedding, and a round mirror frame the black bed.
Cozy bedroom with plush faux fur blanket, round hanging chair, and modern wood paneling.
A modern, monochromatic bathroom with marble walls, sleek vanity, and hanging light fixtures.
Elegant minimalist bathroom with freestanding tub, marble walls, and hanging plant.
A minimalist bathroom with a concrete wall, white toilet, and lush tropical foliage.

About Stealth Flat

Elegant Arrival: The Entryway

The journey through Stealth Flat begins in the entryway, where minimalist design sets the tone. The functional elegance of this space, defined by iPozdnyakov Studio in 2017, leads seamlessly into the heart of the apartment.

A Living Room That Lives Up to Its Name

Step into the living room, and the modern design language of Stealth Flat unfolds. A sleek leather sectional anchors the space, harmonizing with wooden elements and gray hues to create an atmosphere perfect for both entertaining and unwinding.

Dining in Style

Adjacent to the living area is the dining space, where a modern table stands ready for gatherings. The room is a masterclass in modern design, with furniture that is as functional as it is visually striking, echoing the apartment’s overall theme.

Culinary Perfection: The Kitchen

The kitchen, just steps from the dining area, is a marvel of modernity. Stainless steel appliances and sleek surfaces reflect the culinary ambitions of the home, blending effortlessly into the apartment’s design narrative.

Tranquil Relaxation: The Bedrooms

Progressing to the private quarters, the master bedroom offers a circular bed and luxurious coverings, providing a unique sanctuary for rest. Guest bedrooms, with thoughtful touches and city views, offer comfort and privacy, continuing the modern aesthetic.

Sleek and Chic: The Bathrooms

The bathrooms exude a sleek chicness, with the master bath offering a stand-alone tub and expansive vanity, and guest bathrooms featuring efficient design, all embodying the apartment’s clean and modern ethos.

Unwinding in the Entertainment Area

Conclude your tour in the entertainment area, where leisure and design intertwine. It’s a space crafted for enjoyment and relaxation, mirroring the modern sensibilities found throughout Stealth Flat.

Stealth Flat, located in Moscow, Russia, stands as a beacon of modern apartment design, with each room smoothly transitioning to the next, creating a cohesive and functional home.

Photograpy by Sergey Ananiev

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- by Matt Watts