Home^Dome by I! Arquitectura

Home^Dome is a eclectic apartment located in Madrid, Spain, designed in 2019 by I! Arquitectura.

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About Home^Dome

Madrid’s Architectural Evolution

Since the mid-19th century, major European cities began reshaping their pre-industrial fabric. Madrid’s transformation came a bit later, driven by population growth resulting from the agricultural crisis. The bourgeoisie expanded the city, viewing land as a wealth element. They built homes showcasing eclectic classical designs for self-representation. Thanks to lax regulations, they included diverse architectural elements such as viewpoints, cantilevers, towers, and decorative domes. Today, these once-storage spaces are highly sought after for their exclusivity, terraces, and panoramic Madrid views.

A Hidden Gem in Chamberí

In Chamberí, a significant dome 10 meters high (approximately 32.8 feet) graces a compact space, flanked by terraces. This symmetrical home, spread across three levels, offers a chance for complete renovation. The ground floor will unify the kitchen, dining, and living areas. Behind a sleek sliding door, a strikingly decorated Chinese cabinet doubles as workspace and guest room.

Spectacular Spaces and Unique Features

Above, the en-suite bedroom sits beneath the dome. A unique cat staircase, crafted from corrugated pipe, leads to an impressive 10-meter-tall (32.8 feet) chamber. This area embodies sublime luxury — a purposeless yet breathtakingly beautiful space.

The adjacent bathroom is an unconventional 1 meter by 10 meters (approximately 3.3 feet by 32.8 feet). It sequentially offers all desired cleanliness amenities: a toilet with reading nook, a decorative in-built ladder, a luminous niche sink, a spacious shower with views of the bedroom and Sierra de Madrid, and both indoor and outdoor showering options. Concluding this space is an outdoor pool or bathtub paired with a sunbathing spot — the pinnacle of luxury.

Terrace Views and Entertaining

On the northern terrace, an outdoor summer dining area awaits beneath the dome’s shade. This fully equipped outdoor space, spanning 140 meters (approximately 459.3 feet), is perfect for solitary relaxation or entertaining friends. It promises some of Madrid’s finest views from its iconic dome.

Photography by @idoiaotegui

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- by Matt Watts