KZ Apartment by Nildo José + Arquitetos Associados

Located in the neighborhood of Jardins, in São Paulo, and with a privileged view of the city, the 170 m² property was chosen to be the first address of the young couple. To make it as nice as the surrounding region, the owners chose the architect Nildo José to be the person responsible for the renovation that would make the apartment look new.


During the construction, three dormitories turned into two, the kitchen gained more space, a lavatory appeared, the room became wider thanks to the redistribution of the rooms and everything was, finally, with the face of the owners. To bring warmth and sophistication to the new home, Nildo introduced customers to the universe of exclusive pieces and signed by renowned designers.

In the dining room, the highlight is the Ameba table, signed by the office in marble calacata. In the kitchen, the cabinets, also designed by the Nildo team, were executed by Basile Joinery. In addition, the architect idealized the cabinet bookcase, the stainless steel side table and the slatted wood lining, which gives a welcoming touch to the social wing.

The project, punctuated by items from world-renowned designers, features Danish dancer Hans J. Wegner, author of the white lacquer Elbow chairs in the dining room and the Flag Halyard armchair, the highlight of the living room. The side table and the mantelpiece Domino, by the Brazilian Polish-born Jorge Zalszupin, give a final touch to the decoration.

Photography courtesy of Nildo José + Arquitetos Associados

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- by Matt Watts