QST House by NOARQ

Redesigned in 2020 by NOARQ, this beautiful country house is situated in Santo Tirso, Portugal.

QST House by NOARQ - 1
QST House by NOARQ - 2
QST House by NOARQ - 3
QST House by NOARQ - 4
QST House by NOARQ - 5
QST House by NOARQ - 6
QST House by NOARQ - 7
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QST House by NOARQ - 9
QST House by NOARQ - 10


The house rises from broad blocks of blue granite into the wilderness, like a fortification, indistinct from the supporting walls at the edge of the street. It backs up the old farmland, now transformed into a garden. The silhouette embedded in the roadside is opened up by timid windows on the upper floor. By the connection with the street, a sequence of cattle crevices illuminates the current kitchen. The building stretches itself till the oxblood-coloured gate, pointing to the threshing floor moulded into the granite of the street wall. Above the entrance, tended towards the east, a wooded room painted in the colour of the gate, of the eaves and of the window frames lay suspended. The building was cleaned up of picturesque motifs, sheds, shutters and loose exoticism. On the inside, we redesigned each and every constructive piece; the stripped reality was reinvented.

Photography courtesy of NOARQ


- by Matt Watts