Blu by Biro+

Blu located in Bari, Italy, is a minimalist apartment recently redesigned by Biro+.

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About Blu

The Dance of Color: Yellow, Blue, and the Emergence of Green

Yellow, inherently warm, takes on a greenish tint when cooled. In this transformation, it loses its dynamic motion both horizontally and centrifugally. The result? A muted hue reminiscent of a spirited individual stifled by external forces.

Blue’s Calming Influence

Blue, moving in the opposite direction, restrains yellow. As more blue blends in, their motions cancel out, resulting in absolute stillness. And thus, green is born.

From Pristine White to the Morality of Gray

White, tainted by black, loses its identity. Eventually, it morphs into gray, a color whose moral value echoes that of green. Within green, yellow and blue lie dormant, paralyzed yet awaiting revival.

The Nuanced Vitality of Green vs. Gray

Green possesses embryonic vitality, entirely missing in gray. This absence stems from gray’s composition of energy-less colors. These shades showcase passive resistance and immobility, akin to an endless, towering wall or a fathomless abyss.

Photography by Filippo Ferrarese

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- by Matt Watts