True Home by Bogdanova Bureau

This spacious apartment situated in Kyiv, Ukraine, has been designed in 2019 by Bogdanova Bureau.


The apartment space consists of two united flats. A huge hall appeared as a result of it.
After careful consideration we took a decision to preserve this vast space and not divide it into smaller rooms. “Here my children will be playing football and riding scooters”, – the owner expressed his wish and this idea was totally supported by our team.

Kids zone -comprises of two rooms for boys with a shared bathroom and a room for the young lady in powder-pink tones with her own bathroom. This zone can easily be identified – there are three bright doors with glass transom tinted in fashionable shades of green, blue and terracotta. A minimum of furniture and more functional design – this is the prevailing idea of the whole space.

The concept of the master bedroom space is based on the combination of several philosophies – we applied the Feng Shui “life map” here. Shades, arrangement and flower ornaments, diluted with playful patterns on the carpets – this mix was based on the laws of an ancient practice. The bathroom in this area is separated from the bedroom by a frosted glass partition, which allows the soft light to penetrate inside with any sort of lighting.

Photography by Yevhenii Avramenko

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- by Matt Watts

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