Arch 103 Apartment by Bohrer Arquitetura

This inspiring timeless apartment located in Londrina, Brazil, has been recently designed by Bohrer Arquitetura.


In this project an integrated living space was the fundamental force behind the scheme. The apartment uses exposed concrete as a neutral base that then accentuates some areas with the use of different finishes and even special materials (Aparente da Castelatto).

The earth tones used in the interior design plan along with latest modern, but still timeless, furniture bring a harmonious flair to the overall strategy.

In order to give more amplitude and differentiate this unit from others with the same plan, curved walls lighten and bring value to the circulation.

The idea behind the barbecue and gourmet kitchen areas is to create an integrated space that along with the large living and dining rooms creates a functional and open design perfect for social interactions.

The separation of these spaces is implied by the use of carpet patterns that leave the space visually free.

Special materials were selected for the kitchen island that make all the difference. The cooktop is integrated into an athermic countertop that helps to form the overall geometric composition.

The bedrooms and especially the master bedroom use earth tones to link to the overall theme of the apartment creating a unique language and identity.

In the baby’s bedroom woodwork helps to highlight a space perfect for reading and playful interactions.

Photography by Fellipe Lima

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- by Matt Watts

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