Minimalist Apartment by Home Stories LT

This minimalist and elegant apartment located in Vilnius, Lithuania, has been recently designed by Home Stories LT.


The apartment is located in a quiet part of Vilnius. The main task was to create an open floor plan, simple and uncluttered space. Apartment is like a minimalist modern place with a mysterious atmosphere. The well-combined materials, textures and simple, clean lines create an attractive, mature perception of the apartment. The general mood of the apartment reflects a modern, sophisticated and quality space.

The main area consists of a casual lounge zone, a dining area, an open kitchen and workplace.

The colour palette is monochromatic, it helps to create airy, bright, and elegant space. Grey tints in combination with white oak shades deliver a subtle perception of restful mood.

As mentioned earlier, in the apartment dominate clean lines, the focus is on the purity and simplicity of the shape and form. Flat, smooth surfaces and strong, clean lines create bold statements that emphasise the essential nature of each item.

The home is adaptable to the clients’ moods. Taking account into future daily life of the clients, was designed an open and flexible layout, which allows the client to freely create their memories in the space based on their expectations on life.

Photography by Interior Shot

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- by Matt Watts

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