MW’s Residence by Arctitudesign

Discover the MW’s Residence, a contemporary apartment nestled in the heart of Hong Kong, China, meticulously designed by Arctitudesign in 2019.

A testament to modern living, this apartment combines the personality of its owners with Arctitudesign’s innovative approach to design. The highlight of this renovation is the ingenious use of light and space, making it feel not just like a home, but a haven. With light oak timber flooring that visually expands the space and a soothing palette of natural tones, the residence exudes a soft, clean, and refined aesthetic. Natural white paint further enhances the charm, reflecting the colors of the ever-changing Hong Kong sky.

Immerse yourself in the experience of living in a city known for its iconic skyline and vibrant culture, yet with the serenity of a personal retreat.

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About MW’s Residence

Personalizing Renovations for a Lifestyle-centric Approach

With the goal of crafting a renovation, we started by integrating our clients’ personalities into the design, while also considering our preferred lifestyle elements. We prioritized showcasing the inherent airiness of the space and amplifying natural light.

Maximizing Space Perception with Color and Material Choices

Light-colored oak timber flooring was our pick to visually enlarge the area. This material not only offers an illusion of expanded space but also contributes to a more welcoming atmosphere. The marriage of timber veneer with cabinetry in natural color tones presents a clean, refined, and soft aesthetic.

Creating a Dynamic Ambiance with Natural White Paint

Our choice of natural white paint further fostered a sense of warmth in the space. Remarkably, this hue possesses a unique quality: it reflects the changing colors of the sky throughout the day, adding an enchanting dynamic element to the overall design.

Photography courtesy of Arctitudesign

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- by Matt Watts