Top 5 Modern Design Trends Worth Trying Out in 2020

Just like fashion trends change every year, so do many interior design ideas for the home. Sometimes we get bored from looking at the same plain walls every day to that point where we decide that we’ve had enough and it is time for a change. Every year we are given a new opportunity to do some changes around the house.

For example, if you decide you want to remodel your house, you most likely go all the way and invest all your savings into creating a new modern home. However, remodeling isn’t always an option to transform your home. Instead, you have other options you can choose from in order to give your interior a new look. These choices include modern design trends and styles that can really contribute to the look of your house interior.

Looking for these trends may seem difficult since we try to find those that will fulfill our needs and match our personal taste. In order to make your decisions easier, we are giving you the top five modern design trends of 2020 that are definitely worth trying and will give your home a fresh new look.

Tapestry for accent walls

According to many top designers, a new modern design trend that is on the rise this year is tapestry. If you don’t want to waste your time and money on painting the walls, the best solution is to include colorful textile fabric to make your wall stand out. Decorating your walls this way is actually more affordable than painting. Tapestry designs project different colors and details. They are considered as statement pieces which can cover big spaces and can definitely transform your living room or bedroom. Their styles range from modern art to landscapes to floral tapestries, all depending on your personal taste. If you want to create an illusion of having a bigger space, then you can choose a fabric with vibrant colors. Just remember that whichever design and color you use for your tapestry it should match with the rest of the décor in the room. The best thing about it is that it really sets the tone in any room of your house.

Butler’s pantries for storage

One room in your house which can never get enough extra storage is your kitchen. Having a kitchen island and large cabinetry are useful, but there is another trend that has been on the rise this year as well. A butler’s pantry is a kitchen which exists within your kitchen and it is the perfect option if you love hosting and entertaining. Having a clean and organized kitchen is what everyone wants. So, the biggest advantage of having butler’s pantries in your kitchen is that it keeps it really tidy. It hides the dirty dishes and other kitchen items out of your guests’ sight while you are entertaining them. Also, it allows you to prepare your food without worrying about any clutter all over. Moreover, these pantries are perfect for storing small appliances like a microwave creating more space on your counters.

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Playful fabrics and patterns

Another way you can add more décor to your home is by incorporating different fabrics and patterns in any room of your house. First, the most important thing you must know is what the best way is to combine different patterns. This is because however you decide to combine them, it will set the tone for the rest of the room. Some items which you can use to boost visual interest are accent pillows, blankets, curtains, and even furniture. For example, pattern matching includes using different patterns in different sizes that provide a distinct, yet similar feel. A very popular pattern is the geometric shapes that can really provide liveliness in a sitting area with a monochromatic color scheme. Also, some believe that the focal point in your living room should be covering the floor. Therefore, having a patterned rug in the middle anchors the space.

Combining old and new

With so many new modern design trends, nobody expected that mixing antique decorations with modern accessories could make a comeback this year. A room that combines old and new styles makes any room seem more calm and stylish at the same time. Refinishing an old piece of furniture which you have placed in a storage room or bought at a flea market is not only cost-effective, but it is also considered as a fashionable approach. This antique furniture includes timeless designs and provides uniqueness. The thing that may be tricky is how to create the right balance between antiques and modern accessories. For example, you can use an older wooden desk and a leather chair combined with a patterned rug creating that perfect balance. Therefore, look for antique items you can give a second chance to in order to give your house a more chic look.

Splashes of color

Another popular modern design trend which brings more liveliness in your home is using different splashes of color. This is an excellent option without completely changing the theme or current design in your home. For example, one way to add color in your living room is by revamping your chairs. If your furniture is grey, then you can make your chairs stand out by refurbishing them in a bright red. Also, what has become really popular is painting your kitchen island a darker color which will contrast with the rest of the cabinetry in your kitchen. Also, adding colorful accessories such as rugs or even art can certainly bring more life to the rooms. There are endless options you can choose from to make your rooms stand out. Your home will look remodeled while in reality, you did small improvements that transformed the appearance of each room.

Final thoughts

As you know now, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on transforming your home and giving it a new appearance. Instead, there are so many new ways you can use to add more liveliness to your home and still keep up with the new trends of 2020. These trends change and evolve at different paces, but that doesn’t mean that if something was a trend back in the day cannot make a comeback this year. For that reason, these several modern design trends we have provided are on the rise in 2020, so if you are looking to refurbish your home, make sure you use some of these ideas, too.

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- by Matt Watts