Villa C by Yachar Bouhaya

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Villa C, a contemporary two-story house designed by Yachar Bouhaya in the tranquil Oasis neighborhood of Casablanca, Morocco. This masterpiece, completed in 2020, harmoniously combines modernism and functionalism in a simply elegant white design.

Experience the unparalleled comfort and style offered by Villa C, with its thoughtful design catering to ergonomic everyday living.

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About Villa C

A Tranquil Oasis in Casablanca

Nestled in a quiet street of the Oasis neighborhood in Casablanca, this simple white house embodies a blend of modernism and functionalism. Throughout the design and construction process, the clients actively participated, making the project both challenging and rewarding. Emphasizing ergonomics and everyday use, the design pattern focused on practicality.

Two Distinct Volumes for Diverse Living Spaces

The house is divided into two distinct volumes: one on the street side with a double-height ground floor, and a second in the background featuring a basement and a second floor. The street-side volume is a single-storey structure, housing a double living room, dining room, guest cloakroom, and kitchen. The second volume spans one floor and accommodates family living spaces such as bedrooms, a TV room, hammam, gym, and more.

Innovative Climate Control and Cohesive Design

With the main façade facing south, we incorporated a concrete awning and motorized louvers to protect against the sun during the summer months while allowing sunlight to enter during the winter. The infinity pool, lined with green Bali stone, connects the two levels of the house and is visible from every corner. Consistent use of limestone for both indoor and outdoor flooring creates a serene atmosphere without the need for excessive colors or materials.

Photography by Alessio Mei

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- by Matt Watts