Stunning Sky Parlor

This stunning sky parlor with five rooms on two floors with a total of 1400 square feet is located in Kungsladugård, Gothenburg, Sweden.

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In a beautiful house from 1921, you are welcomed into this lovely home with a magnificent fireplace, mirrored doors, mother-of-pearl, preserved moldings and solid pine floors. Here in the middle of the popular Kungsladugård, Gothenburg, Sweden a unique home catches the eye.

Meet a stunning sky parlor with five rooms on two floors with a total of 1400 square feet. The turn of the century smoothly meets a modern touch. The beautiful Nordic light streams over solid ceilings, solid pine floors, serving cabinets and mullioned windows with mouth-blown glass.

It offers exciting angles, skylights and a grandly functioning fireplace as the crown of the work. Ceiling beams create character to the upper floor.

The home’s kitchen is accessed to the right from the hall. The two large, beautiful windows provide plenty of light and outside the greenery is present. Here arises the perfect meeting between modern function and beautiful details such as old serving cabinets and cold pantries. The dark worktop and tile break in style against the fine wooden floor that runs through the rest of the home.

The fact that the home has two living rooms is also practical when you sometimes want to divide the family, here everyone gets plenty of space. The first floor living room cozy and has space for both a sofa group, bookshelf and workplace / reading corner. The walls are painted in a calm beige color and become restful against the fine pine floors.

The upper floor begins with the second and incredibly charming living room. The fireplace is truly the crown jewel of the home. Enjoy the peace and quiet of this bright and spacious place.

Photography by Alen Cordic

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- by Matt Watts