Velvet by Flussocreativo Design Studio

Discover the epitome of elegance and luxury in the heart of Italy with Velvet, a stunning single-family home designed by Flussocreativo Design Studio.

This 240 square meter (2,583 sq ft) residence, nestled in picturesque Brescia, is adorned with stylish natural finishes and features a unique blend of modern and elegant design elements. From the inviting fireplace in the central monolith to the custom-designed furnishings, Velvet truly offers a one-of-a-kind living experience.

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About Velvet

Velvet: The Epitome of Luxury and Elegance

Experience the elegance of the most luxurious environments and the purest exaltation of natural refinishing with Velvet. What you see is the result of a restyling inside a 240-square-meter (2,583-square-foot) apartment, situated in a new building dedicated to clients’ families.

Captivating Entrance and Divided Spaces

As you step inside the apartment, you immediately notice the main elements that define Velvet. The solid central monolith, featuring a fireplace that warmly welcomes the open space, divides the living and sleeping areas. A practical, custom-designed piece of furniture with an iron structure, oak hinged openings, and a unique mirror insert also adorns the entrance.

The Living Area: A Symphony of Velvet Warmth

In the spacious living area, warm velvet takes center stage. This open space comprises three distinct sections: the sofa area, the dining area, and the kitchen. Modern, rational geometries harmonize with soft, elegant velvet, highlighting natural colors and clearly distinguishing every detail within its context.

The sofa area features a large, custom-designed oak, brass, and sheet metal furniture piece for the television, all painted black. Sofa and armchairs wear the main element of this harmony: velvet. The furnishings in this area showcase distinct, intricate details.

Next, the custom-designed dining area offers a tubular structure with a marquinia silestone top and brass edging. A matching console hangs on the wall, showcasing a painted iron structure with brass-plated edges, painted Sagomato Rovere, and a marquinia silestone top. The living area’s triptych concludes with the kitchen, complete with a concealed monobloc, retractable doors, and a large island hosting a sink and induction hob, topped with a sliding natural smoked oak surface. A series of comfortable stools provide seating for the snack area.

A Soothing Sleeping Area for Pure Relaxation

Transition to the sleeping area, which includes three distinct bedrooms, a study, and a bathroom. All spaces share a common theme: soothing colors and a lack of eccentric details, fostering an atmosphere of pure relaxation and calm. In the main bedroom, you’ll find a retractable walk-in closet and bathroom, as well as custom-designed bedside tables and a console/beauty area. Delicate, romantic wallpaper frames the suspended lighting elements.

Achieving the Ultimate Living and Sensory Comfort

Through a thoughtful fusion of shapes, materials, and atmospheres, this restyling achieves the most enjoyable living and sensory comfort, all while maintaining an elegant design foundation.

Photography by Ph. Giorgio Baroni

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- by Matt Watts