Davis Street Residence by Studiofour

This bright single family house located in Melbourne, Australia, has been recently redesigned by Studiofour.


The original house was built in the 1980’s and comprised of low ceilings and dark, compartmentalized spaces. With strategic replanning of the ground floor, the addition of a first floor, and by integrating the interior with two new courtyards, the house is now flooded with light, fresh air and aspect.

The buildings program has been exposed to varying levels of interaction with the surrounding landscape, both immediate and beyond. From the channeled view out to the street tree, to the existing birches and hundred year old oak tree, a series of sliding doors and fixed glazed walls promote this connection, and enable the house to be filled with northern light and flushed with fresh air.

The first floor volume is set back from the street to the rear of the internal courtyard, to allow maximum northern light into the ground floor living zones in winter, while designed not to overshadow the pool in summer.

The inherent low ceilings of the existing residence were used as a datum to develop a strong horizontality throughout the house. Deep oversized eaves run throughout the ground floor, the eaves not only emphasize this horizontality but extend ones eye from inside to out, promoting connection between both internal and external spaces.

The new first floor addition is defined by a fine fixed steel screen to the full extent of its northern façade. While continuing a strong sense of horizontality, the screen enables the upper volume to be fully openable, with filtered views to the street.

Photography courtesy of Studiofour

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- by Matt Watts

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