Office Brabant by Studio Piet Boon

Modern one-story office designed in 2018 by Studio Piet Boon, located in North Brabant, Netherlands.

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Office Brabant by Studio Piet Boon - 4
Office Brabant by Studio Piet Boon - 5
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Studio Piet Boon was commissioned to create a timeless and functional total concept for a Dutch Office space. The design intent for this barn-like structure was inspired by farms in the surrounding area. We designed a modern interpretation of a barn space to create a one-story office with a comfortable, residential atmosphere. The building consists of two different typologies – the main spaces, with pitched roofs, welcome you with brick walls lined with coal-black wooden slats that open up the building to the inner garden and its surroundings. The three different elements of this typology are connected by brick ‘boxes’ with flat roofs – the second typology. The Fitness Center and Spa are located in a separate building creating a fourth entity that encloses a perfectly symmetrical patio with a tranquil water feature that provides significant privacy. Extending from the water feature, a protruding window provides a glimpse into the gym and showcases the wonderful views at the front of the building. The shape of the building and its large windows provide panoramic views over the surrounding golf course. In contrast to these large windows, the windows looking out towards the patio are intended to create more intimacy. The materials for the interior have been implemented with great attention to consistency, using an abundance of natural stone. This is displayed in all washbasins, the pantries, the fireplace, and in flooring which alternates with a light wooden floor in the kitchen and the main office space of the building. Throughout the building we selected soft, un-saturated colors. The plastered walls in light stucco beautifully highlight the natural color of the wooden beams. The interior creates a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor, and the timeless outdoor furniture collection enables a level of comfort and convenience that rivals the indoor living experience.

Photography courtesy of Studio Piet Boon

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- by Matt Watts