Greenhills Villa by Area-17

This spacious luxury villa located in Shanghai, China, has been recently designed by Area-17 Architecture and Interiors.

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Inside Greenhills Villa, a balanced mix of classical and modern style effortlessly brings to life a feeling of old European sophistication, made of refined details and precious materials. In a space of 600 square meters spread over 4 floors, Area-17 has designed a residence that is truly a “home” for the family who lives in it, where representative spaces alternate with spaces for the family following the common thread of an airy central staircase that connects the different levels with their designated functions.

The double-height lounge on the main floor is illuminated by a cascade of light that enters through 6-meter-high windows. A few carefully selected furniture items fill the environment with their fine-tuned shapes and textures. The warm shades of an almost neutral palette convey a general idea of comfort and intimacy while fostering the perception of a seamless space.

A large balcony overlooks the living area, filtered by a wrought iron balustrade characterizing the entire stairwell as a light and diaphanous interpretation of a traditional decorative piece. Both on the ground floor and upper levels, family rooms establish a direct connection with the outside through wide windows opening directly onto the garden and its surroundings.

Wood, marble and stone surfaces, mosaics, each material has been selected from the best international suppliers, with special attention to the performance of the product in terms of creating a healthy environment for the inhabitants of the house. Furniture and lighting fixtures are from Italian, French, Spanish and British manufactures. Each piece of decor, from paintings to sculptures has come from an antiquity market and adds a piece of its own story to the narrative of this residence.

Photography courtesy of Area-17

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- by Matt Watts