Greenhills Villa by Area-17

Greenhills Villa is a spacious luxury villa located in Shanghai, China, has been recently designed by Area-17 Architecture and Interiors.

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About Greenhills Villa

Blending Classical and Modern Styles at Greenhills Villa

Greenhills Villa showcases a harmonious blend of classical and modern styles, exuding old European sophistication through its refined details and luxurious materials. Spanning 6,458 square feet (600 square meters) across four floors, Area-17 has crafted a true “home” for the residing family. The residence features representative spaces alternating with family areas, all interconnected by a central, airy staircase that links each level’s designated functions.

Double-Height Lounge with Expansive Windows

The main floor houses a double-height lounge, bathed in light from a cascade of 19.7-foot-high (6-meter) windows. A thoughtful selection of furniture pieces, with their elegant shapes and textures, fills the space. The warm, almost neutral palette enhances a sense of comfort and intimacy, while promoting the perception of a seamless space.

Large Balcony Overlooking the Living Area

A spacious balcony overlooks the living area, its view softened by a wrought iron balustrade. This feature adds a light, ethereal interpretation of a traditional decorative element to the stairwell. Both on the ground floor and upper levels, family rooms establish a direct connection to the outdoors through expansive windows that open onto the garden and surrounding landscape.

Premium Materials and Exquisite Decorative Pieces

The villa boasts surfaces of wood, marble, and stone, as well as intricate mosaics, each material handpicked from top international suppliers. This careful selection prioritizes not only aesthetics, but also the creation of a healthy living environment for the home’s inhabitants. Furniture and lighting fixtures originate from Italian, French, Spanish, and British manufacturers. Each decorative piece, from paintings to sculptures, has been sourced from an antiquity market, adding its own unique story to the residence’s narrative.

Photography courtesy of Area-17

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- by Matt Watts