Wu House by Very Design

This 166 sqm midcentury modern apartment located in the Chinese city of Dongguanm has been recently designed by Very Design.

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The project team abandons redundant decorations and furniture, and uses concise spatial lines to make the space the most natural and simple state, bringing people, objects, and spaces closer together, aiming to create a relaxing and comfortable resting place for residents .
Created by the design team, there are not only compatible and comfortable meeting spaces and dining and kitchen spaces, but also a bay window reading area, a master room with bathroom, fun children’s space, walk-in cloakroom and other new urban family lifestyles.
The building of the residence is based on the premise of maximizing the white space, so as to avoid the European-style lines from overly affecting the relaxing atmosphere of the residence. Taking advantage of the original architectural plan, the design team connected the living room and dining room to each other, making its use area open and flexible. The gray-tone wall serves as an embellishment of the public area, which clarifies the functionality of the space. The plain white and quiet gray and white tones give the space a rich layering, cool and elegant, creating a simple and relaxing atmosphere. Wall panels with hidden doors are the details of the project. The use of hidden doors allows neatness to replace fragments, and at the same time solves unnecessary space waste, makes the entire living environment more tidy, and creates a clean life experience.

Private space and public space are differentiated in detail through different finishes. The unique color patterned wooden floor and khaki furniture in the living space make this space simple and soft, while the marble floor of the public space creates a sense of life for the living space. In order to meet the family’s clothing storage requirements, the design team built a cloakroom in a disadvantaged space. The visual method of space and color matching follow the way of public areas by using the ceiling glass. White warm tone is used on the surface of the furniture that needs to relax contact with the human body, and gray tone is applied to the floor of this space, giving the space a clean and quiet atmosphere.

Photography by R.K Chen

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- by Matt Watts