The Villa Apartment by Space Dynamix

This luxury duplex apartment located in Mumbai, India, has been recently designed by Space Dynamix


The ultimate fantasy of the urban dweller in our land-starved cities is to live in an independent villa which can be a little private haven for the family amidst the crazy hassle if everyday life.

The Clients brief was for us to achieve this utopian vision within the confines of a duplex apartment within a gated residential complex.

We started by completely redesigning the floor plans at both levels to achieve a separation the private and public spaces within the layout. The large rectangular living area, kitchen, guest room and a home theatre are accommodated at the lower level while all the family bedrooms as well as the wellness space are placed at the more private upper level giving much desired privacy to the family.

The living area is connected to a large outdoor double height deck that spans the entire width of the living area via large full height windows thus giving the feel of actually in an independent villa with its own private outdoor space. The mini lap pool on this deck is favourite hang out for family as well as guests and a great conversation piece.

The double height of the living area is accentuated by means of a central chandelier of edge – lit matt gold discs and floor to ceiling curtains. The staircase stringer clad in bronze finished Stainless steel sheets adds a touch of dazzle to the space.

An eclectic collection of decorative lights across the house adds interesting twists and shadows throughout.

A uniform material palette throughout the house lends a sense of continuity to all the spaces, which however retain their individuality by means of accents that range from innovative layouts to wallpaper, leather paneling, art and curios.

One of the bedrooms is fashioned as a mini loft apartment with the sleeping area on a mezzanine and lounge area at the lower level. The wooden staircase and oxidized wood flooring enhance the loft feel.

We add drama to another bedroom with a ceiling design inspired by the ubiquitous paper envelope with the flaps folding down onto opposite walls creating a unique cloistered effect.

The master suite exudes plush luxury with leather wardrobes, cushy wing chairs the overlook the deck, an ensuite with twin basins that also opens out visually to the outdoor deck.

A wellness space with a whirlpool tub and steam bath is a perfect place to spend lazy weekends or begin an active everyday routine and is also placed along side the bedrooms at the upper level that underlines the ‘villa – in – the – air feel’

Photography by Subhash Patil

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- by Matt Watts

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