Casa SP by GNAM Architecture

Casa SP is a contemporary apartment located in Vila Madalena, bohemian neighborhood of São Paulo, Brazil.

Description by GNAM Architecture

Apartment located in Vila Madalena, bohemian neighborhood of São Paulo. The renovation has been focused along three guidelines:

1) Removing of the utility room, in order to obtain a larger and brighter living space. Combining kitchen, dining room and living room thanks to custom furniture, ad hoc designed to optimize space, for a fluid and versatile use and to minimize the visual pollution of the household appliances.
2) A relaxing and functional suite, characterized by a well-designed closet, with a desk obtained and integrated into the same piece of furniture.
3) A revitalization of the bathrooms, just through the use of colors.

The choice of colors, materials, and abundant usage of green, want to revive the mix of urban and tropical characters, typical of the south american metropolis.

Photography courtesy of GNAM Architecture

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- by Matt Watts

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