Loft Refúgio by Consuelo Jorge Arquitetos

The Loft Refúgio, signed by architect Consuelo Jorge for CASACOR São Paulo 2019, marks its 14th participation in the largest architecture and decoration exhibition in the Americas. An interactive, cozy space to reflect, reconnect and renew energies to represent the desire of modern man. A unique design, where comfort and nature meet, and well-being aligns with design, providing unique sensations in an elegant and welcoming space.


The 101m² offers a sophisticated and warm atmosphere within the practicality of its integrated environments. Inspired by the theme of the year, “Planet House”, Consuelo sought to rescue nature in an urban refuge. Through references in natural materials such as bamboo and stone, a rereading was created to convey this sense of naturalness while maintaining elegance and enhancing timeless coatings through technology. From there, a contemporary space was created, with engaging and pure forms, which counteract the fast pace of the city and reinforce the sense of proximity to nature.

The choice of coverings was guided by warm earthy tones, in contrast to light gray as a neutral background. The architecture of the environment was completely designed to give the occupant the feeling of warmth, especially through the sloping bamboo lining, which in addition to warming the environment causes a different aesthetic perception. The wallpaper that refers to the concrete, as well as the natural fiber rugs, national stones, linen fabrics, porcelain and clay vases, dialogue harmoniously with each other and with the architecture, thus creating an intimate space that serves as protection and of protection, a refuge for urban man to feel in contact with nature.

Following the concept of space, at the entrance of the living room was placed a large light panel of DressALL, which frames the sofa. In addition, it has an automated design, with dimmable LED lamp controls, motorized blinds and blinds, and integrated speakers. The entire lighting design was developed by Elaine Pires of Allure Lighting, resulting in a sophisticated and harmonious environment. In the search for a cozy environment, lighting was used to highlight the sloping ceiling and enhance the scenery with renowned design pieces.

Visitors are welcomed by photographer Leopoldo Plentz’s extraordinary work of art, entitled Exception to the Rule, which represents the counterpoint of the decorated environment. In the setting, the highlights are the Fatto sofa, produced especially for Consuelo Jorge by FK Group, owner of the F.Way brand, which also signs the Appia chair (design by Christoph Jenni). Composing the loft with charm and valuing the green are the vases of VASAP, in which the foliage adds life, besides bringing a purer air to the environment.

Further on, the reception comes from the Comgás natural gas fireplace, which contributes to the elegance of the space along with the coffee table, adorned by Konsepta ceramic tops.

On the stairs, Consuelo Jorge created a art installation from over 100 solid liquid porcelain objects by Heloísa Galvão.

Arriving at the kitchen, which is integrated into the dining room, we have Kitchens’ designed cabinet, which works the workbench evenly, using the Neolith cladding as a finish on its doors, providing sophistication and technology, and having a functional system of Internal drawers for better storage. Above, the bench in Neolith receives the Finaflex StoneCooking system of burners directly integrated into the bench. MisuraEmme’s dining table, coupled with the Italian Hangar Design Group’s chandelier, shows the transforming power of the environment into a more luxurious place. In front of the table, attached to the bamboo panel, we gave another beautiful photograph of Leopoldo Plentz.

Photography courtesy of Consuelo Jorge Arquitetos

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- by Matt Watts

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