Wyndham by Mia Design Studio

Designed in 2018 by Mia Design Studio, Wyndham is a traditional garden villa with large courtyard inside located in Phu Quoc, Vietnam.

Wyndham by Mia Design Studio - 1
Wyndham by Mia Design Studio - 2
Wyndham by Mia Design Studio - 3
Wyndham by Mia Design Studio - 4
Wyndham by Mia Design Studio - 5
Wyndham by Mia Design Studio - 6
Wyndham by Mia Design Studio - 7
Wyndham by Mia Design Studio - 8
Wyndham by Mia Design Studio - 9


The land area has no view to the seaside. From that disadvantage of Wyndham Garden Phu Quoc, we decided to design garden villas with large courtyard inside as Vietnamese traditional houses. While designing the master plan, we planned the villas close to each other as the traditional villages in Vietnam. With image of bamboo pathways, the traffic roads inside project have been designed in small size and winding shape as countryside alley in Vietnam to help people feel acquainted.

Each group of 5 or 7 villas creates a small hamlet with separated paths and shared yard. Meanwhile, each villa still retains an absolute private, quiet and romantic space in unique architecture. We remain the privacy to the villas with three-meter walls and maximize the opening to nature by putting no door inside each of them.

Implemented with a unique design with connection from nature to human, the spaces in every villa of the resort make us feel like getting lost into the greenery. Rooms and gardens are privately covered with a greenery curtain hanging on the roof. The spaces in villa are opened to collect natural sunlight to every corner. That makes the villa become a harmonious combination of nature and architecture.

Inside every villa, the furniture is also made of rustic materials which are friendly to nature. Along with the one-storey structure, Wyndham Garden Phu Quoc provides not only an absolute private relaxation space but also view to the sky and nature.

Photography by Mia Design Studio

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- by Matt Watts