So Apartment by Simpli

So Apartment is a cozy home located in Kiev, Ukraine, designed in 2020 by Simpli.

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The main concept of apartment is to create a comfortable and cozy space for a family of four persons who need both, a personal apartment and a place of leisure for them. Therefore, it was decided to divide the area into two autonomous parts: common, for meetings and recreation with friends, relatives and family, private family territory.

The common part is united by a single style in gray shades: from light to dark. There are high quality porcelain stoneware tiles on the floor which imitate wood and become a warm addition to the interior.

There is no usual corridor at the entrance to the apartment – the hall space is combined with the living room-kitchen and dining room. A wardrobe for outerwear and a guest bathroom are conveniently hidden on both sides.

The center of the composition is an active blue sofa from the Ukrainian manufacturer Interia. Geometric maps of polyurethane moldings add detail to the smooth surfaces of the walls.

Massive sliding doors of concealed installation divide the general and private part of the apartment.

To connect all the rooms in the private area, where sunlight does not fall, along the entire length of the corridor, in the shadow seam on the ceiling, lighting was made. It gently illuminates the space and creates a comfortable environment for movement between rooms.

In colors, textures and materials, the master bedroom, wardrobe and bathroom block are drastically different from the rest of the apartment space.

Deep shades of emerald, combined with natural wood, transform the bedroom into an oasis filled with natural power.

A significant detail of the entire design became the lighting system. Several lighting scenarios of neutral and warm temperatures have been devised in each zone, from the kitchen to the bathrooms, to create a special atmosphere in accordance with the family’s mood and needs.

The master bathroom has a special atmosphere of a Balinese authentic home. It can be used for daily personal care purposes or you can change the mood of the room by choosing a different lighting scenario and dive into a spa relaxation with candles and aroma oils. A sound system and a handwritten drawing of the Buddha from the creative studio DECOR SOLUTIONS completes the ideal setting for relaxation.

Photography by Andrey Bezuglov

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- by Matt Watts