5 Tips For Transforming Your Bedroom According to Your Lifestyle

The bedroom is one of the most important parts of the home. In fact, most people spend the majority of their time at home in the bedroom. Whether awake or relaxing after a long day, you’ll want to create a space that fits your lifestyle and creates a sense of comfort and convenience. Consider the following tips and information to help you design and create a bedroom that you’ll love.

What Is Your Style?

One of the first steps towards creating the ideal bedroom for your lifestyle in determining your personal style. Do you embrace minimalism, or do you like the comforts of a country-inspired style with plenty of storage and warm features?

Once you determine the look that best suits you, it’s time to begin deciding what pieces you need to work with to help bring the look together and make the most out of your bedroom space. Some people like to fuse two similar styles: beach and country or contemporary with mid-century modern and industrial. If you don’t know your style, take some time to research the possibilities and some current trends you might like to try.

Home Traffic

Something many people overlook is the traffic in the home. Do you have children or teens? If so, you should forego expensive breakable items and opt for pieces of furniture and accessories that can stand up to wear and tear and the occasional accident.

This is also true for people who have animals in the home. Cats like to knock things off of tables, and a dog’s tail is notorious for doing likewise. However, if you live alone, feel free to explore working with some nice sculptures, art pieces, and delicate lamps made by local artisans.

Your way of living also helps you determine what type of furnishings to purchase. Do you tend to leave glasses of water near the bed or use your dresser for holding pictures and jewelry boxes? If so, you should consider having solid, sturdy furniture that doesn’t damage easily if there’s a water spill or something heavy on top of surfaces.

Do You Need More Space?

If you currently require more space, you’ll want to consider a style that incorporates clever uses for bedroom storage with minimal pieces of big furniture. For example, instead of the bulky clothes dresser, you could opt for a closet storage organizer to store all your clothing and eliminate the space the dresser takes up.

You can also purchase a bed with storage underneath or drawers along the bottom or built into the headboard. Hanging storage bins or shelves are also another way to create space without taking up more room.

Get Comfortable

One big focus should be comfort. If your room isn’t comfortable, you won’t get the rest you need or spend time in the bedroom. The first priority is to get a top-quality mattress that fits your needs. Decide first if you need a plush or firm mattress, and begin exploring your options. Be sure you know the mattress dimensions before beginning your search.

Always choose a high-quality mattress from a leading brand that is known for comfort and quality. Simple online research could lead you to MyDeal double mattress options where you can find a wide variety of different mattresses that can fit any budget and sleeping style. Your sleep is vitally important to how you function throughout the day and significantly impacts how you feel and perform every day. It’s worth the time and effort to select a good mattress that lasts for years and allows you to get a good night’s rest. Don’t forget to also consider mattress recycling when you buy your replacement. It’s easy to recycle your old mattress because there are mattress recycling programs and locations in most major cities across the country.

Comfort isn’t just related to the bed; you’ll also want to select bedding that is high quality and works for your climate. If you live in a cold location, try to get highly thread count sheets and comforters that keep you warm and hold up to washing. They are softer and breathe to keep you comfortable through the night. If you live in a warm climate, try to select bedding that is thinner but soft and durable.

If you have clay tile or concrete floors, you might consider carefully placing rugs in areas where you step in and out of bed to keep your feet comfortable when you get up or lie down for the night. They are also great for other high-traffic areas. Choose material that is easy to wash and care for so you can keep it clean without too much hassle.

Carefully Choose Accessories

It’s easy to go overboard with the knick-knacks and accessories for a room. However, it’s better to use restraint and carefully select a few items to accent your style and tie the room together. Some suggestions for purchases include using throw pillows, art, mirrors, statues, lamps, and photographs.

Choose a few items that would make the most impact and avoid cluttering the space. If the area is dark and you want it to appear brighter and larger, try using mirrors to reflect light around the room. If you want to create impact, especially with a contemporary space, choose big, bright art pieces that complement your design colors.


If you want to create a bedroom that fits your lifestyle and provides you with a restful and enjoyable space, consider these ideas. Keep a focus on functionality and comfort and fill in the blanks from there. You’ll want to consider updating your room every few years so you don’t get bored and keep your home spaces updated.

- by Matt Watts