Apartment #A385 by Studio Didea

Apartment #A385 is a contemporary home located in Milan, Italy, designed in 2021 by Studio Didea.

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A refined atmosphere of a contemporary and cozy apartment, with tailored design elements that allow to make functional every corner of the house.

The concept takes its cue from a path, the one to reach the living area from the front door that was not immediate and direct. The solution was therefore to make this path functional, welcoming and pleasant to live and discover until you reach the living open space.

Beyond the entrance opens a large open space that includes kitchen on the right and living room and dining room on the left.

All the furniture was custom designed and made by Sicilian craftsmen. The white volumes of the made-to-measure furniture are completed by the functional emptyings in soap oak that this time consist of thickened sides and staved bottom. These emptyings are taken up in the 2 bathrooms inside the two resin boxes and become green in the guest bathroom with mirror backdrop and light blue with backdrop in relief in the bedroom bathroom. The kitchen, treated as a full volume and hollowed out in black, interrupts the design rigidity of the living room, making it unique.

The warm tones of soap oak and gray resin accentuate the welcoming and elegant space and combined with the purity of white make it brighter. In the small spaces of the bathrooms, the colored drains (green and light blue) highlight the contrast with the resin box.

The attention to craftsmanship and details distinguishes the project. The greatest difficulty was to be able to meet the many needs of the client compared to the small space available. All this has been possible thanks to a detailed and millimetric design.

Photography by Carlo Oriente

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- by Matt Watts