Why You Should Use Decorative Panels On the Wall

Wall panels are an alternative to tiles or plaster and are 100% waterproof. They’re designed to lower condensation and be resistant to mold. Materials used to make decorative panels include wood, wainscot, metal, chipboard, glass, MDF, veneer, and laminate. Modern materials like melanin and medium-density fiberboard are more durable and impact-resistant, making them ideal for high-traffic areas where denting and scuffing are likely to occur.

When choosing decorative wall panels for your space, go for the ones with a professional finish and ensure their color and style match your pace’s color scheme.

Consider versatile and flexible wall panels as they can create different effects. Here’s why you should use decorative panels on the wall.

1. Conceal uneven wall surfaces

The use of unskilled labor results in uneven wall surfaces with poor finishes. Placing decorative wall panels over such areas conceals the defects while ensuring a smooth and seamless finish. You can also use them as a quick fix for peeling paints and flaking walls. However, don’t use wall panels to hide damp walls, which may result from poor plumbing or painting and may cause mold, algae, and structural damage if not treated.

2. Enhance aesthetics

You can use decorative wall panels to accentuate and aesthetically enhance your walls, boosting an entire room’s appeal. Besides a myriad of prints and colors, wall panels can also simulate natural textures such as stone and wood, giving your space a natural look. You can use them to cover an entire wall or a part of it to define a focal point.

3. Easy installation

Most traditional wall solutions such as wallpapers and textured paint involve labor-intensive processes, are time-consuming, and require skilled professional services.

However, decorative wall panels offer a quick and easy alternative because you can directly install them onto the wall any prior surface preparation. HMR and MDF board panels are lightweight, making the installation process quick and simple as it may only take a few hours.

4. Low maintenance

Compared to conventional options like wallpapers, decorative wall panels are easy to clean and maintain. Regular use of a soft cloth and a feather duster to dust or vacuuming are enough to keep most wall panels clean. Depending on your wall panel material and the kind of stain, you can lightly clean using warm water and soap.

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5. They’re reusable

Decorative wall panels are ideal for reusing and repurposing as they can be easily removed without getting damaged or damaging the walls. This means that if you want to redesign your house, you can still use the same panels in different locations.

6. Conceal electric cables

Exposed wires compromise your home’s aesthetic features, and this is a problem modern urban homes face. With decorative wall panels, you can easily conceal the wiring for a clean, elegant finish.

7. Long-lasting

When investing in home decoration, you want something that lasts long while ensuring value for money. Decorative wall panels not only keep your wall safe, but they also last longer than wallpapers and paintings.


Decorative wall panels come in various finishes, textures, and grains with unique patterns, offering you numerous options. You can also have your panels custom-made to suit your needs, taste, and lifestyle, adding a sense of personal touch. Consider investing in decorative wall panels for the above reasons and more.

- by Matt Watts