Casa Cook Samos by Block722

Designed by Block722, Casa Cook Samos located on the Greek island of Samos, is a luxury hotel inspired by traditional Greek houses.

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Nestled in the island Samos’ forest-like landscape, gazing towards the boundless beaches of the northeastern Aegean Sea, is the newest hotel to join the Casa Cook collection. This 128-room adults-only (+16) retreat, opening its doors in May 2022, offers the Casa Cook trademark laid-back luxury in one of the Mediterranean’s most historically rich surroundings.

Inspired by traditional Greek houses, or Kamares, found in Samian villages, the architecture is down-to-earth and inclusive. The historic concept of a Grecian village has been embodied in the modern space, where the hotel’s infinite swimming pools act as the town center of each small ‘neighborhood’ within the hotel — offering space to immerse with those around you when the mood strikes or retreat back to your room to recharge in complete solitude.

The earthy textures and colors that make up the space are inspired by the local land and its organic elements: the abun-dant greenery echoes the island’s fertile vegetation with palms, pines, agave and wild olive trees; while the endless pools of water throughout mimic the landscape’s countless waterfalls, rivers and shores. Natural, unrefined tones from local leather, wood and stone melt into more contemporary elements like smooth terrazzo to create a modern-luxe space that is still an ode to the land’s roots.

The seaside Beach House restaurant opens onto panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and is where you spend long and lazy afternoons sampling the Mediterranean-inspired menu and sipping freshly made cocktails either at the restaurant or by one of the hotel’s six swimming pools. A gym and outdoor yoga shala provide a spacious setting for expending energy, while the wellness center – complete with spa suites, hammam massages and a nail salon – offer the perfect place to re-plenish it.

Designed as bespoke sanctuaries, the rooms — ranging from classic doubles to a private villa — are modern and minimal-ist, decorated with unrefined tones and natural, handcrafted elements creating a modern-luxe atmosphere with a deeply authentic Greek feel. Each room has been designed to cater for different needs, whether that’s space, privacy or being only a few steps (or a short swim) away from the action.

Photography by Ana Santl

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- by Matt Watts