6 Essential Products for Decorating Your Backyard For Summer

It’s never too early to start thinking about how you’re going to organize and adorn your backyard for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. The long days and mild evening temperatures make enjoying your outdoor space easy, as do modern garden fountains, outdoor furniture sets, fire pits, and contemporary art pieces. The right outdoor decorations transform your backyard into a functional extension of your indoor living space and will inspire you to spend more time enjoying the fresh air and sunshine during the middle months of the year.

Your backyard should be a resort from your everyday routines and worries. Ideally, it’s a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, many property owners fail to make the most out of this space. With the right organizational, decorative, and landscaping attention, it can quickly become one of your favorite spaces.

Decorations for your backyard, regardless of shape and size, help expand and customize your outdoor spaces. In addition, they often go a long way in making your space significantly more functional throughout the year. Let’s take a look at some of the best options for improving your outdoor backyard and centering your landscape.

Modern Garden Fountains

A fountain for your garden area or patio sets the tone for your outdoor space and keeps the vibe relaxed and simplistic. There are many benefits to adding this water element to your backyard beyond its simple decorative purpose- the sound of falling water in your backyard assists in creating a calming, zen atmosphere. Depending on the fountain, these sounds can also drown out the noise of the nearby streets or alleyways. This is particularly important for narrow, urban gardens, where your space is relatively limited.

Beyond its pleasant sounds and decorative appearance, a garden fountain assists with centering the other design elements in your backyard. Free-standing fountains essentially serve as a focal point for the middle of the garden, while wall-mounted fountains create a wonderful
backdrop for outdoor seating areas. A fountain can also help attract birds and other wildlife, similar to a birdbath. You can choose between a variety of contemporary and traditional designs to match the architecture of your home and the other items in your backyard.

Decorative Ceramic Pots & Planters

Ceramic pots and planters blend functionality with a decorative appeal, boosting the color and texture of your garden. There are plenty of contemporary designs patterns that fit with almost any backyard while still functioning as a home for flowers or other small plants. When it comes to assembling a decorative display in your outdoor space, these are a great place to start.

Outdoor Furniture

New outdoor furniture and seating arrangements make spending time outside even more comfortable and relaxing. To get the best prices per item, you can purchase outdoor furniture sets and instantly add a new cozy seating area to your backyard. When you’re searching for a
set or a few individual furnishings that will fit your backyard, you’ll also want to consider how well the product stands up to the elements. Although you’ll usually only use the pieces in the warmer months of the year, you’ll still want items that can stand up against rain and snow.

To determine which outdoor furniture sets fit your backyard, you’ll need first to consider the architecture of your home. If you’re pairing modern furniture items with a traditional exterior, for example, you might end up with a bit of a mismatch. You’ll also want to review how you and your family will use this space. For example, if you have younger children, you might want to purchase sets with stainproof cushions. There are also many customization products for these sets, with pillows, footrests, and upholstery. Consider adding a coffee or accent table to your new seating area to create a truly luxurious experience.

Solar Lighting

New lighting arrangements along your garden’s stone or gravel pathways add an elegant appeal to your outdoor spaces in the evenings. Most landscape lighting options are solar-powered, so you won’t have to worry about electrical expenses or extensive ground wiring. If you’re planning to entertain guests this summer or host a get-together party, new outdoor lights are a must-have item for your backyard.

Gas Fire Pit

Gas fire pits have a similar effect in your backyard to a garden fountain- they serve as a centerpiece and focal point for your other arrangements. Most gas fire pits double as coffee tables for seating areas, though they also serve outdoor kitchens and pool areas. Gas fire pits create a relaxed, comforting atmosphere to all of these, bringing spaces that will bring an artisan luxury appeal without the smell or taste of smoke that you’d get with a campfire.

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Designs for gas fire pits are modern, smooth, and elegant, more often than not sticking with natural stone and lava rock. This luxury item is a fantastic addition to any backyard and can elevate any outdoor space. Most outdoor furnishings providers factor in installation as a part of the price, so you won’t have to worry about assembly, shipping, or wiring.

Contemporary Art Pieces

Specialty outdoor art pieces and statues elevate the quality of your garden arrangements and will inspire you to spend more time outdoors. Comparative to the other items on this list, these are pieces are less functional than new outdoor furniture and ceramic planters. However, they almost always go significantly farther, giving your space an eye-catching appeal. Many outdoor decoration retailers carry commissioned pieces but can also put you in touch with the artist to ensure you get the perfect item for your home.

Conclusion- 6 Essential Items for Decorating Your Backyard for Summer

A new outdoor furniture set, gas fire pit or garden fountain are all fantastic additions to your backyard and will inspire you to spend more time outside this summer. Contemporary art pieces and decorative ceramics are also wonderful ways to elevate the design appeal of this space while increasing its year-round functionality.

- by Matt Watts