Seven Garden Design Tips to Set Up Serenity in Your Surroundings

It’s no secret that the world is currently in a constant state of rush. Millions of cars roam the streets nonstop. Smoking factory chimneys pollute the air. Machines rob life of its peace. Take a moment to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and think about how you can enjoy a change of scenery. If you’re facing difficulties coming up with ideas, here are seven wonderful green tips you need.

Upgrade your garden and let it live up to its full potential. Cultivate it by planting seedlings and plants. Let your garden grow and project calm and serenity onto the world. Let’s get this show on the road and explore the ideas.

Cultivate Wallflowers

Whether you’re starting a garden or adding to it, remember that colors lift the spirits and do your emotions a world of good. Decorate your garden’s boundaries with wallflowers and plants.

“Lighting has a major impact on the exterior decoration,” say designers at Front Signs, a sign manufacturer that’s implemented several projects with light-up signs in Los Angeles and around the US. Think about how you’ll show off your garden in the dark. You can consider illuminating the garden with thematic signs placed along the borders and letting them light up the night.

Take care of the plants until they bloom, and paint the fence using juicy colors.

Make Your Walkway Into Nature

You’ve already taken care of your garden’s perimeter, now it’s time to give the central area some thought. Lay straight or winding pathways leading from your door to the heart of your garden. Take all weather conditions into account while choosing the material you’re using to make your pathway.

Whatever your paving material is, keep two important factors in mind – climate and porch design. Make sure the material looks good with your house’s exterior as well as the species you’ve planted.

Choose wooden boards to build a small wilderness or opt for polished granite for a neater look. On the other hand, using gravel would kill two birds with one stone. It’ll provide your garden with a solid footing and an innovative look that lasts a lifetime.

Set Up Shaded Seats

Let’s be honest. You’ve dreamed about sitting in a secluded place surrounded by a thick bed of flowers and luscious greenery. Bring this dream to life. Sit in your garden, book in hand, sipping on a glass of your favorite drink.

Order an outdoor table with chairs or create DIY pieces. Place the furniture in a cozy corner of your garden where it’ll be surrounded by climbing plants filling in the gaps. The thick greens will produce oxygen and create a shaded area for you to escape the scorching sunlight. What more could you need for the calmest days and evenings?

Enjoy the Therapeutic Melody of Trickling Water

Whether it’s the cool breeze rustling the leaves or the running water, it’ll help transform your garden into a wilderness of serenity. It’s proven that the sound of running water benefits the human body and health. It’ll reflect on your stress and anxiety levels.

If you can’t afford to install a garden moat, you can make a DIY water system to keep water flowing day and night.
Make sure to install the water system with shut-off valves so that you can stop the flow and avoid wasting water.

Experiment With Colors

A good-looking exterior doesn’t require expensive furnishing. You can still have splendid surroundings using old items if you remodel them. Bring out your old furniture and paint it white. Furnish your garden with the newly-painted remodeled pieces. Coat the garden’s boundaries in white or choose other pale colors.

If you’re wondering why you need white items in the garden, it’s because pale colors make the area seem brighter and larger. Besides, it’s a perfect background for the plants to show off their popping colors and shapes.

Spring is right around the corner. Think about creating outdoor rest areas and go creative with this idea.

Create Memories With Rustic Stairs

I still remember our garden overlooking the cliffs that led into the sleeping gorge. Every spring, my grandpa used to design the garden with DIY wooden stairs. I ran up and down the steps leading into the heart of the valley. Every piece of wood and every stone in that garden and on that path witnessed my childhood. They’re all ingrained in memory. The rustic stairs in our garden still remind me of my childhood. I remember the smell of the moist earth in the fall, the way the rays of light hit the ground in springtime, and the fairy tales I used to believe when I was a kid.

If you’ve decided to remodel your garden with even more natural elements, opt for this idea. Consider making wooden or stone stairways and install a longer tread after a couple of steps to make the process easier. Don’t forget to refresh the flora with fresh, neatly-trimmed green bushes and trees. Once you’re all set, you can host outdoor celebrations in your garden while implementing unique event design ideas.

Make your friends feel like they’re walking through forests they’ve only read about in fairy tales.

Cultivate Crafty Themed Gardens

Gardening isn’t only growing decorative trees and admiring them from afar. You can put in more effort and cultivate a themed garden where you can grow similar plants and make the area leap out with its exceptional look. Before you start planting, try to envision the landscape you expect to see at the end.

Plant seedlings that’ll bloom into beautiful aromatic flowers and transform your garden into a colorful canvas. They can attract bees and butterflies that will keep your garden buzzing with life.

If you have time to spare for gardening, try cultivating fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Make sure the species you intend to grow can thrive under local weather conditions. Also, find out if your soil is suitable to sustain them. These plants won’t only spruce up the view but will provide you with delicious food as well. After all, what’s better than eating from your own garden?

Can you think of anything better than spending time in nature? Take advantage of these wonderful garden design tips. They’ll show you how to set up a garden that’ll keep you fresh and peaceful. It’ll also give you a breathtaking place to rest when you’re having a lazy day.

- by Matt Watts