Suburban House by Fimera Design Studio

Suburban House is a modern residence located in Sofia, Bulgaria, designed in 2021 by Fimera Design Studio.

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Inspiration comes when we can calm our thoughts and make room for something new and different. There is a safe place where we can find the peace we all strive for and that is nature. The landscapes we live with leave a lasting impression on our minds, and what could be better than to be natural, and inspiring. Suburban House is one of our last realizations, which conveys the beautiful mountain views in the interior, as a natural continuation of the environment, so as to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor.

The two-story detached house has a total area of 205 sq.m. filled with natural materials, soft and unobtrusive shades, plenty of free space, and uncompromising comfort. The house is located in a metropolitan area at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, and the close proximity to nature determines the overall concept in which it is sustained.

The living room itself is a spacious room with an elegant L-shaped sofa designed for this project. The light tones of the upholstered furniture and the carefully selected carpet under it contrast with the wooden and metal decors on the opposite wall. The emphasis here is on the suspended ceiling of wooden slats, which creates additional comfort and brings the necessary note of extravagance in the interior.

Impressive is the huge dining table placed in front of wide French windows facing the courtyard so that during the day it is flooded with the maximum amount of natural light and thus merges with the landscape outside. Deprived of any other type of furniture, the dining room is fully dedicated to its main function, namely to be the social core of the home.

Next to the dining room is a U-shaped kitchen, in the center of which is a compact kitchen island. The mosaic granite floor brings an unobtrusive decorative variety to the otherwise clean linear shapes of the kitchen cabinets. Natural veneer, in turn, located against the background of soft gray walls, again brings nature into the home.

The second floor is entirely dedicated to the personal space of the owners, and it has two children’s rooms, a bathroom, a bedroom with a wardrobe, and a separate bathroom just for her. Here, too, there is an abundance of wood decors, especially in the bedroom, which is an interesting combination of soft tones of natural veneer and cold gray notes of storage furniture such as bedside tables, desks, and TV cabinets. The ceiling repeats the technique used in the living room, by dividing the white cleared part around the bed and the wooden chevron-type front wall cladding. Interesting is the combination of three wood decors, located next to each other, which instead of standing unnaturally together, create both visual harmony and diversity in the room.

The bathroom next to the bedroom relies on a natural look. Tiles imitating stone walls alternate with natural veneer and decking. The mirror surface of the cabinets further expands the room, and besides them, a special place for make-up is separated by the built-in dressing table – a real convenience for a lady who cares about her flawless appearance.

The children’s rooms are simple with unobtrusive color accents so that their interior serves as a ground for children’s creativity. Soft, light tones make the rooms even more spacious, as the storage space in both places is a natural extension of the walls and thus completely disappears around the perimeter of the rooms. A special corner for the pet has been designated, and a playful built-in space next to the wall has been created for it.

Both bathrooms are a natural continuation of the interior concept. The bathroom that serves the children’s rooms is designed in light tones and color accents, repeating in a unique way those of the rooms themselves. A game of shapes has been achieved through the use of elliptical lighting fixtures, round washbasin bowls, and the shape of the milled handles of the built-in cabinets.

In order to achieve harmony in one’s life, one must first achieve harmony in one’s home. And what better approach than to use nature as our muse to achieve the perfect combination of modern vision, functionality, and natural radiance of the spaces.

Photography by Niki Dinov

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- by Matt Watts