ca’STRIP by Eutopiarch

ca’STRIP is a modern apartment located in Milan, Italy, designed in 2021 by Eutopiarch.

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Almost in a Michelangiolesque manner, the inner potential of this 60 sqm apartment in Milan was brought to light by the action of stripping. Walls were torn down and wall-coverings were removed, defining a completely different space where light is finally free to flow. A concrete pillar and playfully intertwined pipes become the heart of the house, visually and conceptually marking the center of the new apartment, which is programmatically organized around them.

​The main intervention areas are visually marked by the insertion of new flooring: light grey micro-cement emphasizes the distinction between the old and the new, flowing from the entrance into the bathroom and cooking area while contrasting with the palladian floor kept in the bedroom and living.

​The color palette is simple but effective: besides the grey concrete elements, black and white define both finishings and furniture in every room.

​Keeping the concept in mind, a single handmade curly neon strip lits the living and cooking areas, while a black Potence Pivotant by Nemo lighting is chosen for the bedroom and a white Flos Foglio sconce gives a classy touch to the graphic bathroom.

Photography by Lorenzo Piovella

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- by Matt Watts