6 Reasons to Add a Fireplace to Your Home This Year

Fireplaces can transform a home’s interior design while improving comfort during winter and colder nights. This article outlines six reasons to add a fireplace to your home this year.

1. Create a room’s focal point

A fireplace recreates a dull room into a new, exciting gathering place, improving the room’s style. There are various spectacular ways to use your fireplace to create a focal point. You can install a freestanding fireplace to create a three-dimensional feel. The space above the fireplace is vital, and adding an accessory to it, such as a statement artwork piece, can help drive more attention to your fireplace. Be creative with the hearth and use an unexpected shade to paint the mantle.

Installing colorful and unique tile patterns pulls the eye towards your fireplace. To decorate the inside of your fireplace, lay out bricks in a herringbone pattern to create a beautiful backdrop. Consider going minimalistic with your focal point to make it more intriguing. Add a fireplace glass from a reliable vendor like vanisleglass.com for safety and as a unique décor piece.

2. It’s a cost-effective heating solution

While installing a fireplace is an excellent aesthetic option, it’s a cost-effective heating alternative to heat specific parts of your home. For instance, if you’d like to keep your living room warm throughout the winter, a fireplace would make a good investment.

Since fireplaces efficiently heat a room, they’re an excellent choice for those who don’t want to use a central heating system to warm your entire house. Over time, this reduces energy usage, saving you a good amount on your heating bills.

3. Create a cozy environment

With their flickering flames and warmth, fireplaces help create an environment where you can relax and unwind, especially after commuting in the cold or spending a day snow shoveling. When hosting friends for a party, they can naturally gravitate to the fireplace’s warmth and light. If you’re home alone or with your family, you can all enjoy the fireplace’s warmth and coziness, helping you have a great time.

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4. Increase your home’s value

Adding a fireplace to your home can benefit potential buyers, mainly if you reside in snowy or cold climates. Regardless of the type of fireplace you have, including gas, electric, wood burning, and pellet-burning fireplaces, homebuyers are ready to pay more provided they get the warmth they desire. Buyers would also want a home with lower utility costs than the rest. To attract buyers to your home, consider installing a modern fireplace and include stone or hearth work.

5. It’s eco-friendly

Most home furnaces run on fossil fuels, natural gas, or fuel. Using a wood-burning fireplace as a furnace supplement reduces the burning of fossil fuels. Based on your fireplace model, you can convert it into your home’s primary heat source, leveraging its
eco-friendly nature.

6. Reduce utility costs

A fireplace is a cost-effective investment that can help reduce your utility costs. However, this only applies to gas or wood-burning fireplaces because they don’t increase energy bills. Instead of a central heating system, you can use these fireplace
options to heat your home. This means your system will work less, saving you money.


Fireplaces are an excellent addition to your space. Consider adding a fireplace to your home this year to enjoy the above benefits.

Photography by H.F.E & Co Studio

- by Matt Watts