Simple Ways to Update Your Living Room

Your living room is a space where you can relax, unwind and feel at home. It is also a canvas that offers you the opportunity to express your creativity and personal taste through your choice of furnishings and décor allowing you to showcase your individual
style to your family and friends when they visit.

As your tastes and personal preferences evolve over the years, you may feel the desire to reflect these changes in your interior design. This article will offer some simple ideas to help you update your living room to create a space that you love.

Coffee Table

This item of furniture can become an eye-catching centerpiece around which you style the rest of the room. Whether it’s industrial, mid-century or contemporary, your coffee table can create a sense of cohesiveness by incorporating its finish or color into other accessories and features in the room. For instance, the gold sheen of a geometric framed coffee table can be echoed in your choice of candle holders, artwork or floor lamps.

A coffee table is also an ideal furniture piece for small spaces as nesting designs offer you the ability to make a statement while still making the best use of your room.

To add the finishing touches, style your coffee table with an array of fresh flowers, artful books or magazines or a decorative tray containing items such as candles, ornamental boxes or a family heirloom.

Update Your Accents

Tend to the details by introducing soft furnishings such as cushions, throws and wall art to bring your living room to life. Play with colors, designs and textures to add visual interest and depth to your space.

Choose materials that will offer comfort, aesthetic appeal as well as a tactile element to the space, bringing warmth and comfort to your room. This can be achieved by draping a faux fur such as Sherpa over your sofa or introducing a velvet statement armchair or
chaise lounge. Browse the collection at Kasala for inspiration on showstopping centerpieces.

Unfurl a bold patterned or brightly colored rug across your living room floor to stand alone, accentuate the furniture and color palette in the room or to express a side of your personality.

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Wall Art

Artwork can be used to embellish your walls and portray your personality, helping to give your living room its unique voice. Use a large framed piece as a focal point that captures your guests’ attention when they walk into the room or speak more subtly through smaller pieces scattered across your walls.

To tie in with the rest of the décor consider any themes that run through the room and that have heavily influenced your choice of interior design. For instance, a modern or contemporary living room that leans towards a clean, simple yet sophisticated look will pair well with abstract art which match the hues in the rest of the room or contain undertones similar to your furnishings. This will emphasize the overall aesthetics and help to create a polished and well-rounded appearance and ambience to your space.

By following the creative living room ideas in this article, you can easily update and refresh your interior design.

- by Matt Watts