5 Furniture Pieces for Small Spaces

Just because you don’t have room to spare in your home or office does not mean you have to forego attractive, modern furniture. Whether your goal is to provide hospitality to your guests with comfortable furnishings or just achieve your interior designing goals, Cromatti has some great options for you. Check out five examples of modern furniture pieces that will likely fit perfectly in your home or office.

1. Every household needs a few small tables. When you buy the Croma Nesting Set, you get three tables that you can either put together to form a larger surface or spread throughout your home as needed. When you’re done with the tables, just stack them back together for a simple storage solution that won’t take up much room at all.

Croma Nesting Set

2. The Armavi Table can fit perfectly over your couch or even your bed when you need a surface to eat or work on. You can also tuck your favorite chair or stool right under it. When you are not using the table, you can easily store it in any corner, since it measures no more than two feet in any direction.


3. If you need a little more space than what the Armavi Table provides, check out the Luciano Table, which is an expansion that has a little more surface space. Whether you use it as a dining table or desk, it is both practical and able to help with your interior designing efforts.


4. Another option for anyone looking for modern furniture that is easily stored is the Alessio Table. This is a classic piece of furniture that features a clean, minimal design, allowing it to pair well with just about any other piece. In fact, it is ideal for use with our stools, ottomans, and side tables, since there is plenty of room underneath for storing these and other furnishings.


5. One of the easiest ways to offer hospitality and general comfort to your guests is to place a few ottomans near any couches or chairs you own. When you buy ottomans like the Piccolo or the Piazza, not only do you give guests a place to rest their feet, but you also have some extra seating space for when you have more than a few people over.


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- by Matt Watts