Eight Ways to Make Your Nursery Absolutely Perfect

A nursery will provide the first safe, personal and personality-shaping space that your child will experience as they grow up. Making sure the space fits all their needs, and is comfortable for you as a new parent will start your parenting journey off on the right foot. However, without the right knowledge, knowing how to start on designing and setting up your nursery can be difficult. Thankfully, we’re here to help, with eight ways to make your nursery absolutely perfect:

1. Space Organization & You

More than any other quality, having the proper storage space set up will make or break your nursery. From toys to baby products, knowing where your baby’s necessities are at all times will make your life as a parent so much easier. Creative, personalized ways to store your materials is a great way to ensure you knock-out this part of designing your nursery. A comfortable, but storage-saving chair to rest in can be a great idea. Consider investing in baby beds, cribs and drawers that have as much storage space built into them as possible, and you will be on the right track.

2. Keep Your Spacial Awareness in Check

A crowded nursery is not only frustrating to spend time in, but it can cause tripping hazards that could end up hurting you or your child. When you go about setting up storage space and decorations, having spacial awareness will be especially crucial.

Thankfully, this will also prove to be one of the easiest steps to handle in an intuitive fashion.

3. Lighting is Key

Everyone has had that room where the lighting is overly-bright, barely existent or simply bothersome. You know how infuriating and mood-souring that experience can be, so you should already be planning ahead to make sure your child is not going through it right out of the gate.

Calm, but plentiful lighting is the way to go for your child’s nursery, as it will boost their eye development and ensure you’re able to navigate the space in an effective, safe way at all times as well.

4. Wall Decorations

Even when you’re not in the room, your child will need stimulation when they’re awake.

Stimulation that is calming, healthy and engaging is essential for their mind’s development, so being extra serious about this task is a must. Find decorations that draw their attention every time you enter the room, and consider adding pictures of yourself to the walls they can see from their crib. Keeping them emotionally comfortable at every moment will help them see the nursery as their space in a way that will make your job as a parent go that much smoother.

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5. Air Quality is Important for Young Children

Lighting is only one of the key aspects of your nursery’s atmosphere that will seriously impact your child’s health and development. Having air quality that will allow them to breathe calmly will ensure they do not develop asthma, and will allow them to sleep more peacefully (which will in turn allow you to get those extra moments of rest that new parents will desperately need to function). After all, you want your child to live within as pristine and clean a space as possible, and air quality is one of the most important factors to consider when building such an environment.

6. Thrifty is Trendy

Finding decorations while thrifting can be a great way to add some love and experience to your baby’s nursery. Especially if you love vintage decorations, a nursery is prime real estate for getting some good use out of them. Just make sure you ensure any thrifted items are clean and baby-safe before adding them to your child’s nursery.

7. Know Where to Shop

While deals are important, as raising a child and keeping a strong nursery is expensive, you’ll want to buy the most crucial items in the nursery from a trusted, quality source. Looking up product reviews, checking out which new baby items are trending and asking friends what their children have responded well too will help you nail this critical step. More than anything else, simply avoiding products that have had recalls or controversies included in their past will be essential.

8. Design Consistency

This step is more for parents, but having a consistency to the design of your baby’s nursery will make the room feel more polished and pleasant. With the immense amount of time you’ll be spending in the nursery, having a professionally designed space can be an awesome idea if you can afford it. With the right design approach, you can help stimulate your child’s mind, and keep them feeling comfy, during the endless hours they’ll be spending within their nursery.

Your Baby Deserves the Best

When you’re setting up a nursery for your child, making sure you do the best job possible is your top responsibility. Finding ways to experiment with decorations, baby toys and other items as they grow will help you in discovering their personality, and will give you time to bond with them in other ways. With these eight tips, you’ll be able to construct a baby nursery that will prove to be just as much of a pride and joy as your new child (or as close as it’s socially acceptable for the nursery to be compared to your child anyway).

- by Matt Watts