Chicago Sunset by B Place

Chicago Sunset is a luxury loft located in Kyiv, Ukraine, designed in 2021 by B Place.

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CHICAGO SUNSET is an apartment in the centre of Kiev where particular attention was paid to details, a vintage workbench and monstrously beautiful sunsets. On the verge of brutality and elegancy – that’s how we can characterize the spirit of the project in a luxury loft style.

The 187 m2 flat is in a tall floor of the same-name residential complex and commands a panoramic view of the city. At the outset these were two separate apartments joined together with the division into the private and common zones preserved.

The common part of the flat presents an airy environment, a real mix of textures, styles and finishes joined together in a monochrome color array of the interior. Metal partitions that incorporate hand-made ribbed glass separate the entry space with the wardrobe and guest sanitary conveniences from the kitchen, bar and parlour. Zoning of the space is achieved by the load-bearing columns which, as it was decided, remained unfinished – they support the metal opening leading to the personal half of the apartments. A vintage workbench from the Netherlands makes the focal point of the interior and serves as the bar counter. We took care about the comfort height of the old bar by putting the workbench on a metal construction. On the left side of the bar there is a built-in kitchen with a marble island with a split edge while on the right one finds a dining table illuminated with a unique luminaire – the Ochre factory balance. The divan zone offers a projector and an unbelievably comfortable relax armchair of Roche Bobois. The rattan facades of the commode housing a vinyl playback machine cover the acoustic system.

The private section of the flat includes a master zone, a guest room and laundry. The bathroom is completely clad with travertine which makes an intricate stone pattern while the mirrored cloakroom that creates the effect of infinity has, in its centre, an ornate island presenting a show-case for jewelry. Wall-boards behind the bed head are made of aged mirrors that cover a storage system incorporating integrated seats arranged in the windows and lighting fittings for reading. The natural materials, dim lighting and dark ceiling of the bedroom invite to its main function of rest and refreshment.

Photography courtesy of B Place

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- by Matt Watts