House P by Raum3 Architekten

House P is a modern three-story house located in Brixen, Italy, designed in 2022 by Raum3 Architekten.

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The house of the three brothers is located at the bottom of the valley of Brixen, surrounded by mountains. Situated in the center of the village on the historic village street, the building had to be inserted into the building plot and also into the built surroundings. In the design, care was taken to ensure that the narrow village street retained its character and that existing building lineaments were taken up. Necessary retaining walls were constructed in natural stone masonry in a manner typical of the village in order to compensate for differences in level. The building was designed as a compact structure divided by large cut-outs. These were executed in glazed larch wood, contrasting with the light-colored structure and allowing a freer use of recesses and openings. The predominant materials – the white plaster and the dark wooden elements – also characterized the face of the old house, creating a profound reminiscence of the former family home. The interiors are characterized by clear, straight-lined furniture. The wooden floor in oak creates a warm basic tone which is repeated in the niches of the white wooden furniture. Floor-to-ceiling windows open onto the landscape and allow the surrounding mountains, which so intensively characterize the surroundings, to visually penetrate the interior.

Photography by Gustav Willeit

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- by Matt Watts