Tang Paradise Hotel by CCD

Tang Paradise Hotel is a traditional hotel located in Xi’an City, China, redesigned in 2020 by CCD.

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Tang Paradise Hotel is located on the eastern wing of the Tang Paradise theme park in Xi’an City (known as Chang’an in ancient times), just beside the picturesque Lotus Lake in the park. Since its opening in 2005, the hotel has been operating for 16 years.
In 2020, based on the theme of “elegant gathering and garden banquet”, CCD upgraded the hotel by applying modern design languages, to reproduce the scene of ancient celebrities and literati gathering, strolling and drinking cheerfully in the garden back in the prosperous Tang Dynasty.

Oriental garden

The project epitomizes a dream about Chang’an that opens the door of the pastand brings people back to the ancient capital. The glory of the Tang Dynasty has been passed down for more than a thousand years, witnessed by the unchanged sunset glow and the old Chang’an City. The hotel’s entrance garden shows a welcoming, tranquil, and graceful gesture.

It offers varied view at every step, and an Oriental state of unity between nature and humanity.

The twisting paths, combined with the fusion of trees, stones and mountain elements, create a serene environment.

“Water is deep when it is dark, and bamboo is elegant when it is accompanied by rock”. The bamboo shadows, the pine tree erecting beside the pool, and the glow of the moon, reveal a restrained Oriental ambience that leaves much room for imagination. The unique cornice lines of the corridor’s ceiling presents a splendid, intriguing Oriental style.

Here, people can feel the passage of time, recall the moments of softness and innocence, and regain inner peace.

Back to Tang Dynasty

Stepping into here is like walking into the old Chang’an, enabling an encounter with its prosperity and glory in ancient times.

As approaching the interior design, CCD probed into the millennia-old history of Xi’an, the ancient capital of thirteen Chinese dynasties, and drew elegant aesthetics from the cultural life of the flourishing Tang Dynasty. The hotel lobby employs modern design languages to reinterpret the structures and lines of classical Tang architecture, which become a highlight of the space. Spaces featuring rich layers are connected naturally, to generate exceptional aesthetic order and respond to local culture and classical traditions.

Nature, space and people are in harmony in the lobby bar. It generates a quiet yet dynamic atmosphere through the warm wood tone in the interior and the view of outdoor verdant trees brought in by glass windows.

Sofas, pillows, tables, chairs and the scattered ornaments on the display cabinet coexist harmoniously in the space.

The space exudes a natural and serene air with elegant colors and appeal, seeming to take the guests back to the past.

Resonating dialogue

Living in the bustling and fast-paced city, people expect to return to simplicity, looking for a spiritual shelter and a warm, resonating dialogue with others.

The lobby bar invites the guests to put aside all the hustle and bustle in the city, and indulge them in the pleasing afternoon talking over drinks to seek emotional resonance.

The Chinese restaurant leverages view-blurring screens to create semi-enclosed are as, introduces garden layout into the interior, and brings in large art installations to embellish the space.

The green backdrop wall at the counter area features interpenetrating blocks and the alteration of material textures, creating a vivid scene reminiscent of the flourishing markets back in Tang Empire.

The exquisite interior decorations create an elegant, easeful and pleasant dining environment. The art ornaments with historical elements present both classical and modern charm. These objects are given new life and infuse the space with antique flavor, showing respect and admiration for the past.

Garden landscape and art are fused to offer guests a visual feast. In the meanwhile, art makes the space more significant far beyond visual level.

Enchanting view

The guestroom design blends art into life, preparing for future life. The space organically integrates openness and compactness, urbanity and nature. Functional areas of different scales are united, producing a simple and comfortable environment.

The large French window captures the scenery outside the room. The enframed view is just like a long scroll painting, which tells the story of the past.

The design quality of the guestroom is revealed in details. The carpet and background horse painting are presented with modern expressions, embodying the glorious culture of ancient Chang’an.

The customized artworks endow the space with a strong modern Chinese charm.

Photography by Qiu Xin, Tang Wei

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- by Matt Watts