Bibì by Officina 8a

Bibì is a bespoke contemporary apartment located in Turin, Italy, redesigned in 2021 by Officina 8a.

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Very little is left of the traditional floor plan of this bright Turin apartment. The restyling stems from the desire of the new owners, a young couple from Turin, to create an open space for the living area with a kitchen and living room.

The project enhances some of the pre-existing historical elements by incorporating them within an intervention aimed at total modernization of the spaces. The cherry and national walnut parquet flooring present in the living area and the quadrotor parquet flooring in the master bedroom were restored, as were the cornices and plaster panels decorating the ceilings. This classic style was combined with more contemporary elements: resin flooring, metal carpentry elements, bronze finishes, and color contrasts, creating a new scenery.

During the demolition, two large arches that characterize the original layout of the apartment were unearthed, allowing for larger and more fluid spaces in the living area. The two arches became the real protagonists of the living area creating an opening that gives visual continuity and frames the space in an interplay of shapes and colors.

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Photography courtesy of Officina 8a

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- by Matt Watts