427 House by Maincourse

427 House is a contemporary residence located in Bangkok, Thailand, designed in 2022 by Maincourse.

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427 House was built on the existing footprint of the old house which has a memorable flashback of the family. MAINCOURSE demanded respect and remembered the valuable memory by using clay cladding for the facade of the floating mass which recalled the sense of place where they used to live.

The specially mixed clay 1220 degree celsius fired has collaborated with Mo Jirachaisakul who is an expert in clay and glass. It was designed to be used throughout the interior and exterior, from the roof to the bathroom. Therefore it must be durable and tactile-friendly at the same time.

The owner has collected many antique artworks, vases, chests, and sculptures which are related to the family’s history. These artworks were displayed in every room in the old house. MAINCOURSE aimed to redesign how these treasures were presented, by making the pieces to the central core of the house as ‘the floating gallery’ using 6 columns with the truss structure floating over the terrace and the greenery. The collections could be appreciated from every important area of the house, creating a unique experience for the owners and welcoming guests at the entrance. The high ceiling void above the floating gallery and the greenery below can create an outdoor gallery atmosphere and be used as a background to emphasize the white walls for paintings. The natural light is allowed to shine on the artworks and harmonize the overall atmosphere in the living and working space.

Throughout the design, the material palette of this house was reflected in the client’s fashion style which is unique, fashionable, and colorful. The juxtaposition of the antique furniture and new furniture are displaying the story of the family and the personality of the owner coexistent.

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- by Matt Watts