Colore ON by Davide Vizzini

Colore ON is a colorful contemporary apartment located in Milan, Italy, designed by Davide Vizzini if dvdvarch.

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The word “ON” in the name of the project has a double meaning: it is translated “on,” the opposite of “off,” because the color is strongly present in it; it should also be understood as “superimposed, on.”

The project observes and experiments with the behavior of the same hue on different materials: iron, plaster, canvas, wood. The carrier colors of the project are actually only three (RAL 7011, RAL 7038, NCS-S0580-Y80R), juxtaposed and superimposed on the materials by letting the different surface reactions of the materials to light gently differentiate them.

Taking on this work was an opportunity to question the nature of a pure interior design. The apartment, on the top floor with a terrace on the roof, located in a newly constructed building and inhabited for the first time, did not require or allow for any floor plan changes. The work therefore consisted of a reflection on the existing spaces and the living space of the future inhabitants, a young couple in love with design, music, fashion, contemporary art, and pop culture.

The construction of new environments therefore took place in the cavities of furniture design, such as those of the sculptural and perhaps even architectural TAB table, or in the sheet metal accessories that accommodate among their folds the habitat of household objects or in the 45-degree angles of the low furniture in the living room.

The design path taken with the clients was a condensation of the suggestions from our contemporary world and also of wanting to dress up one’s own desires. In a spontaneous and natural way, the project was populated with the passions of the owners; that for art with, for example, the Bear Mask by Arsenio Rodriguez, and for music with vinyl records, musical but also visual support of the covers, an object perfect synthesis of the multichannel and pervasive nature of art that becomes an everyday object.

In this microcosm, the voyage of the ex-voto cross, coming from a little market in Mexico City (one of the cities of the owners’ heart) arrives naturally in front of Cattelan’s 1:47 scale finger and next to the flat color of the large RAL7038 canvases stretched by the painter (Tiziano Chiappa), one of the designer’s tools of experimentation with light, color and surface.

This project was born before the pandemic, the dialogue that brought it to fruition gently accompanied and enlivened the days of lockdowns with its colors and shapes.

Now, with the war in Ukraine just beginning, its meaning again seems to have to change but the beauty of the colors and light on them still seem nostalgically precious to us.

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- by Matt Watts