Sun Path House by LUNAARCH

Sun Path House is a lovely wooden retreat located in Kernavé, Lithuania, designed in 2020 by LUNAARCH.

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The Sun Path House is situated in a small historic town called Kernave. This town is located on the right bank of the river Neris, facing the old pine tree forest. Kernave was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004. This historic land with forests and hills is the perfect oasis to run away from the city hustle. This house was created as a holiday home for a young family of four.

Since the site is in a highly protected area, this project had to meet strict regulations regarding construction, building area, height, even the roof angle had to meet certain requirements. The most important task was to create a modern piece of architecture whilst adhering to the regulatory requirements that integrate into these beautiful surroundings.

While creating The Sun Path house a lot of four attention was paid to the outdoor spaces and their connection with nature. The large forest-facing windows erase the barrier between the interior and the exterior creating a strong connection with nature. To highlight the beauty of the surroundings three terraces that follow the sun was built: the morning coffee and the awakening of nature can be enjoyed on the East terrace, the covered South terrace is perfect for the midday sun and the West forest facing terrace is perfect to wind down and view the sunset.

There is nothing unnecessary neither inside nor outside the house: only practical and functional furniture and appliances. It gives a sense of space and does not interfere with enjoying the beauty of nature. The house is filled with the laughter of family members and scattered children’s toys.

Photography by Aistė Rakauskaitė


- by Matt Watts