Coudelaria by Studio Arthur Casas

Coudelaria is a beautiful pavilion and guesthouse project in Itu, Sao Paulo, Brazil, designed by Studio Arthur Casas in 2022.

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The two projects made by the Studio converged on the goal to match the magnitude of the space in which they are located and the elements that surround it. The first was the Pavilion with the leisure area, its program features a swimming pool, barbecue area, gourmet kitchen, wine cellar, games area, spa, massage room, and gym; all these spaces are distributed in a functional way on an open and connected plan, ideal for meetings, according to the client’s brief – who is always receiving friends and family for celebrations.

In addition to this demand, there was also the need to design a showroom to exhibit his horses to clients, so a large garden area was planned with details in its materiality that would contribute to the protagonism of the beautiful animals and emphasize their elegance. An example are the details in Portuguese tile, which recall the owner’s origins and create a harmonious composition with the wooden wall and ceiling. The Lusitanian influences also appear in other components of the project, such as the stone walls, whose inspiration were the constructions in the Portuguese countryside, in materials such as carbonized wood, burnt cement floor, textured sand or earth painting and the romantic aspect of the landscaping, reminding the Portuguese countryside air.

The second project was a guest house with 14 rooms, all with private gardens and access to a patio, where a beautiful water mirror is located. This environment connects with the Pavilion by its materiality, with the addition of Portuguese tiles and wooden components. The windows of the rooms have watertight wooden frames, allowing cross-ventilation between them.

The execution of the project was optimized and speeded up by project-designed solutions, such as the decision to make the pavilion with a pre-fabricated metal structure and the roof with sandwich tiles for better thermal performance in the guest house.

The Portuguese influenced materials give prominence to the project’s highlight elements, such as the swimming pool made all in stone with infinity edge and the wine cellar with stone walls and wooden floor.

The lighting was made from micro ceiling fixtures and to highlight the walls, floor lamps were installed.

Photography courtesy of Studio Arthur Casas

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- by Matt Watts