Casa CR by AC Design

Casa CR is a contemporary home located in Paratico, Italy, designed in 2022 by AC Design.

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Casa CR is a beautiful two-story cottage near Paratico on Lake Iseo, in a quiet new residential complex.

The architecture is designed to allow light to filter everywhere within the environment, thanks in part to the generous windows. The large central equipped prism defines the spaces of the living area allowing perspective views, openings and passages that are never taken for granted.

Geometrically, the colors reinforce the design pattern and function of the elements integrated to measure in the perimeter walls of the living area. At the same time through their earthy hue they help to relaxation and natural appeal, emphasizing together with the walnut parquet flooring that runs through all rooms of the house.

The custom-made kitchen becomes a part of the wall itself, continuing as a scenic backdrop through solids and voids on the sofa back. The central island integrates into a single body with the black stone table; contrasting comfortable chairs upholstered in soft saffron velvet.

Different heights and ceiling veils allow for the latest technological needs, and functional and emotional light games.

The existing staircase has been enhanced so that it becomes the protagonist between the two levels of the house.

The upper floor, dedicated to the sleeping area is characterized by the magnificent breath given by the height of the wooden roof left exposed. Here, too, color contrasts more related to the world of water find a connection with the natural world by lacing up with the textile complements of the lower floor.

The bathrooms are characterized by the use of contrasting stone and cement elements.

At the most striking points contemporary works of art.

Photography by Luca Carli

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- by Matt Watts