Villa BW by Mecanoo

Villa BW, a contemporary house designed by Mecanoo in 2022, is located in Schoorl, Netherlands – the renowned beach resort area.

This impressive property features a double-curved roof with twisting shapes and characterful ceramic tile cladding that transitions from dune to polder landscape. The interior living spaces are organised around two voids enclosed with a curtain wall system which provide transparency and daylight down to the basement levels.

With its natural shades of grey, green and blue tiles reflecting the seasons of the surrounding countryside, Villa BW offers an elevated experience for all those seeking luxury real estate in this idyllic part of Europe.

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About Villa BW

Villa BW: a Monolithic Presence in the Transforming Landscape

The naturally sloping landscape of Villa BW is embraced by its building volume, characterised by a double-curved roof and an unmistakable expression on the facade. The twisting roof is created with two overlapping shapes – a gable roof facing the dune-side and a horizontal one towards the polder-side. Constructed over three floors (plus an additional level within the hood of the roof), this villa further emphasizes its connection to nature via enclosing two voids with a curtain wall system.

A Single Natural Material for Facade & Roof Cladding

To create an even stronger bond between house and environment, Villa BW’s entire exterior is covered by custom ceramic tiles in multicoloured glazed shades that represent transitions in both landscape and soil layers from light to dark. Inside, living spaces are organized around these curtain wall-enclosed voids as well as an enclosed wood-cladded core; together they ensure ample amounts of daylight down to basement levels while also providing framed views of surrounding countryside through wooden frames passing through traditional tile work.

Colours That Blend into Nature

This monolithic presence is accentuated not only by façade’s shape but also colour scheme – 5 shades of grey, green and blue used throughout match perfectly with those found in nearby terrain regardless of season. Furthermore, tiles’ iridescent effect creates vibrant pearlescent appearance influencing incidence of light on building’s exterior surfaces.

Photography by Ossip Architectuurfotografie

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- by Matt Watts