Make Your Home Clean and Tidy With These Tips

Did you know that having a clean and tidy home will actually make you more productive throughout your day? Not only that, but I can also boost your mood!

You do not have to go above and beyond to make your home tidy and clean. There are some simple tips and tricks that you can follow to keep your home tidy on a daily basis.

Curious about where to start? Get reading below for some helpful tips!

Gather Cleaning Supplies

If you want to make your home as clean as possible, you want to gather cleaning supplies before you start. If you are in the middle of cleaning and realize they do not have the right supplies for a specific job, is going to slow down the whole process.

You may even decide that cleaning that part of the house isn’t worth it. That’s exactly what you don’t want to happen!

Dust From the Ceiling Down

Adding a vacuum and mop robot to your cleaning routine can save you a significant amount of time and effort. With just one use, the robot can efficiently clean your floors while you focus on other tasks or simply relax.

To begin, start dusting your home from the highest point, such as the cabinets above your counters. As you dust, the vacuum and mop robot can be set to work, capturing any dust or debris that falls onto the counters and floors. With its powerful suction and scrubbing capabilities, the robot can ensure that your floors are spotless and shining.

Clean the Floors

Depending on the type of floors that you have in your home, you’ll either need to vacuum or mop. If you have tile, hardwood floors, and carpet, it is best to start by vacuuming the carpet. You can even vacuum the floors.

When you do this, you should mop the hardwood floors and any tile that you have.

About once a year, you should consider cleaning your carpets. Carpet cleaning in York will keep your home free of allergens that you may not realize are trapped in your carpet. Not only will the carpet cleaning clean your carpets, but your entire home will have a cleaner look and feel about it!

Disinfect Surface Areas

About once a week, you should focus on disinfecting surface areas. These can easily be forgotten about as areas in your home that need to be cleaned. However, it is essential that you clean these areas to reduce bacteria in the home.

So that you do not forget what surface area should be disinfected, please check out this list:

– Any door handles or locks on doors
– TV remotes and buttons on electronics
– All counters around the house as well as tables
– Light switches and fan switches

This is not an exhaustive list but it is there to help you remember what areas should be disinfected every time you clean. The more you clean these areas, the fewer allergens you will have to deal with.


If you want to ensure that your home stays clean, you need to start with clutter. Anytime that you start seeing things building up around the home, it is time to put it all back where it goes.

Even better, you should always try to put away anything you take out after you are done using it. If you notice extra mail or papers that you do not need, put them in the trash Right after opening them. If you take your shoes off by the door, pick them up and put them in the closet at that moment.

The same goes if you are coming home from running errands. Instead of putting your purse on the counter, you should place it in a designated area so that your counter remains clutter-free.

If you want to keep a hack that actually works, consider making decluttering part of your nightly routine. For 10 minutes as you get ready for bed, you should wander around the house picking up things that are not where they belong. By doing this, you’re setting yourself up for success the next day as well as keeping your home tidy.

Do Laundry More Than Once Per Week

If you were tired of your home seeming cluttered with your laundry bin filling up way more often than you think it should, you need to start doing laundry more than once per week. Instead of having a designated laundry day, you can have several laundry days throughout the week.

Consider doing laundry on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Monday’s could be for darks, Wednesdays could be for lights, and Fridays could be for white clothing. If you do it this way, you will get a system down.

By doing laundry more than once throughout the week, you will never have an overflowing laundry bin. This will keep your house more organized.

Focus on High-Traffic Areas

There are several different high-traffic areas in your home. You may have different ones than someone else. However, typically the front door area, any area by back door is our side doors, the kitchen, and the bathrooms tend to be high-traffic areas.

This is where people frequent more often. Because of this, there will be more dirt in these areas.

Instead of waiting to clean these areas on cleaning day, it should be on your daily or weekly task list depending on how much time you have to clean these areas. Even just a quick sweep of these areas will keep her home looking tidier.

Making Your Home Clean and Tidy

Making your home clean and tidy does not have to be a task that you dread every single day. If you start to follow these tips, your house will remain tidy at all times.

You can focus on doing laundry more, picking up clutter in the house every single day, and having her keep cleaning supplies all in one place. Getting carpet cleaning in York will also make your home feel cleaner.

If you enjoyed reading about these tips, you can check out more on our website. There is nothing like reading other helpful tips with a clean house!

- by Matt Watts