Is Calgary a Good Place to Live? Explore All Details

Canada belongs to the top-friendly countries and accepts about half a million immigrants per year. The interprovincial migration in the country is still popular in the country, too. So, moving to one of its large cities is a natural idea.

The top-preferred destinations include Calgary, a megapolis whose population has grown dramatically these years. A lot of people from Ontario, Manitoba choose to relocate to another province in Canada. Does Alberta’s largest city merit packing your things and moving there? The short answer is yes. Find detailed explanations of the location’s strong and weak sides in the article below.

Reasons to Move to Calgary

Since 2022, Calgary has been experiencing about 440% year-on-year growth in population. Why do so many people wish to settle in this city? In fact, a number of advantages make Calgary an amazing place to live in.

One of the Cleanest City to Live in

Did you know that many research agencies, tourist companies, and trusted informative websites like place Calgary at the top of their lists of the cleanest cities in the world? The severest reviewers at least provide Calgary with a spot in their Tops 20.

The megapolis has won such a status thanks to these features:

  • Pure water safe for drinking;
  • Extremely low air pollution index;
  • Secure sewer system with no rats or other dangerous elements;
  • Regular cleaning of the streets is funded by a special municipal program.

Moreover, Calgary’s authorities slap immense fines on companies and individuals if caught littering or polluting the city’s environment.

Work Possibilities

The job market in Calgary is very promising. Like every large megapolis, it has unemployed people, but the city’s unemployment rate in 2023 is 6.3%, which experts see as a healthy result.

The most attractive industries for employment and self-employment include real estate, finance, media and entertainment, manufacturing, transportation, and food services. From school bus drivers to certified therapists, Calgary needs workers in various domains.

An Excellent Place for Businesses

As part of Alberta, Calgary lives without a provincial sales tax. The citizens only have to pay the federal one of 5%, and that’s all. This is why Calgary attracts so many entrepreneurs and startups.

An Advanced Healthcare System

From complex surgery to homecare, the broadest set of medical services covered by the AHCIP (Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan) are available for all Calgary’s residents. The city also offers private medical insurance options to non-residents.

Nature & Outdoor Activities

Calgary stretches over a beautiful valley at the bottom of the so-called Calgary Rocky Mountains. You can purchase or rent an apartment with a view upon them. The place is an excellent choice from a tourism and active lifestyle perspective.

Culture & Entertainment

Calgary hosts the world’s best and most respected events, including festivals, scientific conferences, business forums, etc. It is renowned for its museums, cinemas, theatres, galleries, and other cultural places of interest. The megapolis is famed for its nightlife attractions.

Transport & the Skywalk System

Public transport is the most convenient and affordable means to travel around the city. You have two main options in Calgary: the C-train system (a city rail service) and buses.

Calgary is a pedestrian-friendly city. The unique Plus 15 Skywalk allows citizens to walk around the megapolis 15 feet high above the city ground. The path unites multiple buildings, including trade centers, restaurants, etc. Its total length exceeds 16 kilometers.

Factors to Abandon Your Move-to-Calgary Project

Calgary is a magnificent place to live. Yet, you should know its weaknesses as well:

  • Cost of Living & Housing Prices. Compared with Toronto or Vancouver, Calgary offers more affordable prices for goods, real estate objects, etc. Yet, this is a giant city that attracts multimillionaires from all over the globe. So, the cost of living here remains high.
  • Calgary Needs More Schools. The ever-increasing population in Calgary causes such problems as overpopulated schools. The authorities are assuming various measures and programs to ease the situation. Yet, the problem remains urgent.
  • Heavy Traffic. Heavy jams are natural for all megapolises. Calgary is no exception so far, and driving a car is not the best transportation option.
  • Snowy Winter. It may even be a plus for you but bear in mind that winters in Calgary are real winters. They can be truly frosty and full of snow.

Are you not afraid of these challenges? Then, Calgary may become your home for life.

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Should You Choose Calgary to Live in?

Calgary is one of the best places to live alone or with a family. Its citizens make up a young and open-minded community. The city offers great options and possibilities to everyone practically in all life spheres.

- by Matt Watts