Suite 201: Industrial Elegance in Old Montreal

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Montreal’s history with Suite 201, a masterpiece of design by MU Architecture. Situated on the picturesque rue de la Commune, this hotel suite breathes life into the legacy of Old Montreal and its vibrant portside past. With its industrial design elements, this space masterfully integrates history with modern luxury.

Suite 201, once an inn run by the renowned Joe Beef, now stands as a testament to Montreal’s enduring charm and architectural ingenuity. Experience the blend of soulful heritage and contemporary elegance in this uniquely transformed space.

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About Suite 201

Suite 201: A Modern Homage to Montreal’s Past

Suite 201, nestled in Old Montreal’s historical district, offers a unique pied-à-terre experience. Overlooking the Saint Lawrence River, this suite sits among buildings that have stood witness to the city’s birth nearly 400 years ago.

Historical Foundations Meet Modern Design

MU Architecture masterfully envisioned this space, drawing inspiration from its rich past. Once home to Joe Beef, a beloved innkeeper, it served as a lively hub for laborers and seafarers in the mid-19th century. Now, Suite 201 captures this spirit, offering a warm, inviting atmosphere.

As you step inside, the vestibule reveals the communal area through smoked glass. Intricate woodwork and stone walls transport visitors to a bygone era. This space skillfully preserves its historical essence, echoing its storied past.

A Space of Seamless Integration and Craftsmanship

The living room, envisioned as a tavern, splits into three unique zones, each with its own ambiance. The kitchen transforms into a functional bar, blending residential comfort with immersive design. The traditional dining area is notably absent, enhancing the suite’s unconventional charm.

Natural light floods the open space, offering views of Montreal’s historic port. Polarizing film on the windows guarantees privacy. Stone walls and a wood-paneled ceiling add historical depth, reflecting the architectural style of the era.

Attention to detail shines in the ebony black kitchen. Dark woodwork and black quartz countertops create a dramatic effect. Subtle curves soften the kitchen’s stark appearance, while brass accents add a historical touch.

A secret door reveals a wellness area, complete with spa facilities. The tranquil space, with its dark stone-like surfaces, offers a serene escape. Another concealed door leads to the master quarters, featuring a dressing area and an intimate bathroom. The design weaves secrecy with elegance, captivating the senses.

The project’s attention to detail integrates seamlessly with the historical building, creating a refined, elegant space. Furniture selection and artwork breathe life into Suite 201, recalling the unforgettable era of Joe Beef.

Photography by Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard

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- by Matt Watts