Sunny Beach: A Modern Family Apartment in Minsk

Sunny Beach, a two-level apartment in the PIRS residential quarter of Minsk Region, Belarus, stands out as a modern masterpiece by Level80 Architects. Originally two separate units, this 2021 transformation integrates an open-plan living and kitchen area on the first floor with private bedrooms and bathrooms above.

The design harmoniously combines natural materials and pastel tones, creating a long-lasting, attractive interior. A vibrant playroom breaks the calm palette, offering a stimulating environment for children.

Modern living room with a sectional sofa, floor lamp, and wall art.
Modern kitchen with dining area and open staircase in neutral tones.
Modern dining room with large table, black chairs, and pendant lights.
Modern small bedroom with mezzanine and cozy bedding.
Modern minimalist bedroom with a blue wall and beige accents.
Modern bedroom with a minimalist design and neutral tones.
Modern bedroom with double bed and neutral tones.
Modern bathroom with a sleek vanity and walk-in shower.
Modern balcony with chic furniture and city view.

About Sunny Beach

Innovative Design at Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach, a two-level apartment in the PIRS residential quarter, redefines family living. Initially, it comprised two separate apartments stacked on each other. This unique structure gave birth to an innovative design.

Maximizing Space and Privacy

On the first floor, we created an open-plan space, combining a living room and kitchen. Consequently, this layout fosters family togetherness and social interaction. Meanwhile, the second floor houses private bedrooms and bathrooms. This separation ensures enhanced privacy for the family. Notably, the design particularly suits duplexes on the first floor.

Furthermore, our client envisioned an interior that would remain stylish and functional for years. Therefore, we focused on natural materials and soft pastel shades. However, we opted for vibrant colors in the playroom, stimulating a playful and educational environment for children.

Photography courtesy of LEVEL80 architects

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- by Matt Watts