Villa of the Star: A Serene, Eco-Friendly Retreat in Da Lat

Villa of the Star, a rustic retreat in Da Lat, Vietnam, stands as a testament to sustainable design by APS Concept. Nestled in a pine forest, this house blends local materials like stone and pine wood with large glass windows, creating a seamless connection with nature.

Designed as part of the Mo Stay project, it offers a perfect balance of privacy and community, making it ideal for family gatherings and tranquil escapes.

Modern two-story house with mixed-material facade surrounded by trees at dusk.
Modern wooden house with large windows nestled in a forest at dusk.
Minimalist wooden loft bedroom with high ceiling and geometric light fixture.
Cozy wooden bedroom interior with large bed, stairs, and window view.
Wood-paneled bedroom with minimalistic design and large window.
Modern wooden living room with fireplace, built-in seating, and large window.
Modern kitchen with wood accents and large dining table.
Modern dining room with wooden furniture and shelving, pendant light, and large window
Cozy wooden bedroom with large window and forest view.
Modern bedroom with wooden walls, floor, and minimalist furniture.
Modern wooden bedroom with large window overlooking a forest.
Wooden bathroom with circular tub and forest view through large window.
Sunlit wooden porch with stone walls, plants, and forest view.
Wooden terrace of a stone and wood house surrounded by forest at dusk.
Modern two-story house with wooden and stone elements surrounded by trees.
Modern twin gabled houses nestled in a forest at dusk.

About Villa of the Star

Introduction to Villa of The Star

Villa of The Star, part of the Mo Stay project, revolutionizes the concept of renovation with a focus on Connectivity, Locality, and Sustainability. This inspiring resort space, set in a pine forest, seamlessly integrates nature into its design.

Harmonizing with Nature

Surrounded by a low taluy bank, Villa of The Star combats heavy rain and potential landslides with stone steps. These steps form a natural wall, blending with the environment without disrupting it. The design team embraced sustainability, utilizing local materials like stone, pine wood, concrete, steel, and bricks. These elements ensure the villa’s longevity and harmony with its natural surroundings.

Viewed from a distance, the house divides into three main sections. The lower part features tangled stone, providing a sturdy base for the two upper blocks. These blocks, with pointed roofs in brown and black, are crafted from natural wood. Together, these materials create a synergy with the landscape, uniting architecture and nature.

Inside-Out Connectivity

Aiming to bring occupants closer to nature, the villa features large glass windows. These windows are strategically placed to offer panoramic views of the forest, allowing natural light to flood in from all sides.

The primary building material is modified pine wood, chosen for its resistance to moisture, mildew, termites, and heat, as well as its durability and eco-friendliness. The villa’s ceilings, walls, and floors are all paneled with this wood. Varying the wood tones adds depth and prevents monotony.

A Space for Gathering

Villa of The Star serves as a haven for family and friends, balancing private and communal spaces. The common living area, featuring ground concrete floors, distinctly separates public and private zones. This space, including the kitchen, opens expansively through large glass doors to the outdoors. The result is a fluid connection between inside and outside, ideal for gatherings or cozy moments by the fireplace.

A Sanctuary for the Soul

The villa offers a tranquil escape from city life, immersing guests in nature’s rhythms. The sound of birds, rain on leaves, and the sight of a rainbow after a drizzle bring a healing and soothing experience, rejuvenating the soul. Villa of The Star, a project of thoughtful architecture and investment, provides a peaceful retreat amidst the chaos of urban living.

Photography by Quang Tran

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- by Matt Watts